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SOP For MBA in Operations Management [Download Free Sample SOP – 2022]

Writing a college application can be a tiresome and confusing task. The process will involve various different elements to be prepared, proofread, and compiled. One document of significant importance that you will prepare for your application is your SOP for MBA in Operations Management. This is a decisive document that can bridge the gap between your admission and rejection. This makes it important that you dedicate ample time to prepare a well-written SOP for MBA in Operations Management for your application.

MBA in Operations Management

This decade and the years leading up to it have been marked by the immense expansion of E-commerce and various new platforms and modes of trade. This has led to a need for specialized studies that deal with an In-Depth Understanding of various mechanisms related to manufacturing processes and logistics.

MBA in Operations Management is one such specialization that deals with various aspects of running a business revolving around the production and manufacturing process, transport and supply chain mechanisms, and other business operations-related topics.

This course prepares you for roles in a variety of sectors not necessarily restricted to manufacturing and production. 

An MBA in Operations Management will open up your career roles in operations-related positions as well as positions in Wholesale trade, leading E-commerce firms, and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, individuals with MBA in Operations Management can also go for consultant roles and entrepreneurial careers.

Colleges Offering MBA in Operations Management

Even relatively new specializations like Operations Management are being offered at leading business schools nationally and globally.

Leading Foreign Universities Offering MBA in Operations Management are:-

  • MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business
  • Michigan Ross School of Business
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.

Leading Indian Colleges Offering MBA in Operations Management are:-

  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad
  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.
  • Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata.
  • Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune.

Structure for SOP For MBA in Operations Management

Not unlike other MBA specializations, your SOP for operations management should run heavy on details and highlight your conflict redressal, Data analysis, and project management skills. It is important that you adhere to a good structure while creating your SOP in order to ensure you sound convincing in your writing and make a comprehensive that sets you apart from other candidates.

SOP for MBA in Operations Management

Consider the Following Structure for Your Statement of Purpose:-

  • Start with a relevant quote. This is optional but sets a good first impression on the reader.
  • Your first paragraph is where you introduce yourself in brief, with a few lines about who you are and what are your inspirations in life. Also mention the course you’re applying to in this paragraph.
  • Your second paragraph deals with your academic background, what college did you complete your bachelor from? What were some projects you undertook? Teams you worked with and societies you were a part of?. Answers to these questions help the board assess your leadership and other relevant skills.
  • Your third paragraph highlights your professional work experience. Highlight the relevant skills you have acquired working as a professional, and mention what firms you have worked for and what roles and positions of responsibility you held.
  • Conclude with your final remarks, highlighting why your experience and education set the right base for your MBA in operations management and what are your goals in life after you complete the course.

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Golden Rules for SOP Writing for MBA in Operations Management

Highlight Relevant Skills

Make sure that you highlight the skills that are relevant to the course you are applying to. Avoid cramming too much information about experiences and skills that do not relate to your MBA in operations management.

Be Unique

Your best chance at standing out in the competition and securing admission is by being unique. Do not go for general templates and cliche lines. Use your creativity to create a unique and effective SOP.

Grammar is Important

A good statement of purpose for operations management is marked by the use of simple and comprehensive vocabulary, easy sentence structures, and good grammar. It is important that you run your work through various efficient grammar tools as well as manually proofread your SOP several times.

Consult Experts in Your Domain

Make sure you consult experts who have experience in the field and have been working in the industry for a significant period. This will help you get better insights and create an efficient SOP.

Keep Your Tone in Check

Try striking the right balance between a formal and personal tone. Make sure you do not sound confused in your writing. Use bold words and statements which reflect confidence while maintaining a humble tone.

SOP for MBA in Operations Management

Sample SOP for MBA in Operations Management


Statement of Purpose

In the competitive business space, it is not enough to have a basic qualification and tap opportunities with a standard skillset. To keep up the pace with changing market trends and rise above other industry players, one needs to sharpen their acumen and upgrade their existing skills. With a strong ambition to achieve my career milestones and augment my professional growth, I am applying for the MBA in Operations Management program at the _________ College, UK. Being a part of this progressive academic environment will streamline my profile.


I hold an Engineering degree, along with three years of work experience, that bestowed me with adequate exposure to the business field. Besides, my father runs his own business and I have been helping him since my high school days. It has been his long-time dream to see me taking over the entire responsibilities of managing his company. I owe it to my personal background for getting me inclined towards the business and management field. My professional experience further instigated my interest in operation management. I truly believe that I have the required capabilities to run an organization as a whole and efficiently manage people to boost business growth. I have never been hesitant in embracing challenges and always strived hard to accomplish my set goals.


I studied BE. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Lala Prasad Engineering College. Here, I derived vast knowledge about the world of technology. Academic projects, internships and workshops brought me extensive practical know-how and skills. I felt the thrill as well as enrichment while handling multiple projects since it gave me good scope to utilize whatever I learned so far then. Besides studies, I was proactive in extracurricular activities as well. I took part in several events including tech and cultural fests. I got the opportunity to embrace various roles such as the Event Coordinator for the Swacch Bharat campaign organized by our college. I also served as the Head of the Tech Symposium of our department. These platforms instilled immense confidence in me and developed my communication and managerial skills vastly. Meanwhile, I got to enhance my oratory and organizational skills, presenting several papers, that were a part of the curriculum.


My professional journey began right after completing my graduation when I joined as a Site Coordinator at Falcon Promoters. I was mostly responsible for coordinating with on-site contractors, keeping a tab on the progress of different construction projects, interacting with architects and structural engineers and tracking materials. During my three years of tenure here, I executed all my duties with utmost sincerity. I made myself adept at multi-task and simultaneously, looked for ways to enhance my practical skills. All this time, I strived for rising up the professional hierarchy. Many a time, I felt that an MBA degree will infuse more value into my existing profile. A relevant course that would help me gain specialization in operation management seemed to be ideal to boost my leadership qualities and managerial abilities. I am already well-aware of the workings of the different departments within a company to ensure smooth workflow and promote the overall growth of its business. Considering this, I believe that I am qualified enough for the proposed MBA program offered at __________ College and acquire global and advanced insights about operations management.


What specifically impressed me about ___________ College is that it has an excellent worldwide reputation for providing highly advanced courses in interdisciplinary studies pertaining to business, finance, information technology and science. The certification of programs offered by this institute is globally recognized. Many online reviews and students’ forums also helped me to make my academic decision. While it has an impressive world ranking, the college also has several experienced professors, state-of-art learning and research facilities and sprawling campus settings.

The UK seems to be the best academic ground for me, given that the country is celebrated for its high-quality educational system. It is considered to be a safe and secure educational haven. Besides, it houses several top-ranking universities that offer extensive learning opportunities. This, in turn, attracts thousands of students from across the globe. Moreover, I have always been smitten with the high standards and culture of the UK. This happens to be one of the prime reasons for choosing this particular country.

The MBA in Operations Management program offered in this esteemed College has been designed for those professionals who are interested to boost their career growth. The learning modules cover core areas such as operations management, organisational behaviour, corporate finance, marketing and strategic management. Under the tutelage of highly qualified professors and business experts here, I will get to have direct professional insights into diverse industries. Without a doubt, the MBA program will mould me into an accomplished professional. Besides, it will support me while serving a managerial role in operations in any reputed organisation. Furthermore, it will help me attract rewarding employment opportunities in India with better remuneration. I am eagerly looking forward to cherishing the holistic academic experience from the prestigious college and making my professional path fulfilling and successful


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FAQs Related to SOP Writing

Who reads my SOP?

SOPs are often read not exclusively by professors and senior faculty members, but by administrative staff and faculty responsible for admission procedures. So make sure not to use overly technical terms while describing your projects and make your work comprehensive.

I’m switching fields for my MBA, is it important to explain the reasons for the same in my SOP?

Yes, when switching fields, one should always clearly mention their reasons behind the decision in their SOP, while making a convincing argument for why their previous education and experience provides a strong foundation for their higher education.

What should be the format for my SOP?

A good format is crucial for making your SOP more effective.

Consider the following format

Font- Times New Roman

Size- 12

Paragraph Align- Justify

What should be the length of my SOP?

Strictly adhere to the word limit as specified by the University or college. In case this isn’t mentioned, do not exceed 1000 words while writing your SOP. Shorter and informative SOPs have a positive impact on the reader.


An MBA in Operations Management opens up your career to wide-ranging possibilities including entrepreneurial career prospects, operational and managerial positions in globally leading firms and consultancy roles.

In order to secure your admission at a college of repute, it is important that you write a strong and impactful statement of purpose that well highlights your relevant skill sets and temperaments making you an ideal candidate for the course.

Various guides and sample SOPs are available on the internet, although adhering to all the rules and guidelines can become an overwhelming task at times. While it is preferable that you write your own SOP in order to maintain the uniqueness and be able to tell your story in your own words, students seeking assistance with their SOP can go for SOP assistance services.

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