You are currently viewing List of Top 5 Best & Professional SOP Writers in India in 2022

List of Top 5 Best & Professional SOP Writers in India in 2022

Statement of Purpose carries an immense weight in your college application hence SOP writers play an vital role in drafting your SOP. Leading Indian and international colleges are moving towards more holistic assessment procedures in their admission processes.

This makes it imperative that you provide an informative and unique statement of purpose that highlights the various aspects of your personality that make you a good scholar. 

While it is always a good idea to write your own SOP, students are often faced with a lack of clarity around different aspects of SOP writing and a general confusion fueled by lengthy and sometimes contradictory guidelines available at various websites on the internet.

Incorporating several guidelines while best describing yourself can be a daunting task where you might look for external assistance from an experienced person. This is where SOP writers come in.

Why Do You Need a Professional SOP Writer?

There are ample SOP writers based in India who provide professionally written SOPs to candidates according to their requirements.

While procedures for different services differ on various aspects, a general outline is that the SOP writing service will ask you to fill out a form providing relevant information for your SOP and you’ll be provided with a SOP according to the information.

Hiring a Professional Writing Service to Provide You a SOP Comes with Several Advantages.

  • Professional writers are experienced in writing SOPs that successfully secure your admission. Having worked with students applying to various courses and colleges, they are familiar with the needs and demands of admission committees and therefore are able to write precise and crisp SOPs.
  • These writers are qualified and have a strong language proficiency. This means that you are assured to get a SOP with good grammar and impactful words.
  • SOP writers are familiar with the formats that are widely prescribed and accepted by universities. They know how to present your work in the most efficient manner and ensure an error free SOP.

SOP Writers

TOP 5 Professional SOP Writers in India 

When it comes to getting into top universities and colleges abroad, a strong and impactful SOP is mandatory. Preparing a SOP from scratch can be a daunting task, especially if you are unfamiliar with the various formats and rules for SOP writing.

It’s important to document your personal and academic qualities, as well as your goals, in a clear and concise way, so that you can present a picture of who you are and where you want to go.

You may want to hire a professional writer to help you craft a perfect statement of purpose (SOP). However, making a choice among the various writing services available out there can be tough especially if you aren’t well aware of the features and quotes offered by different services.

After researching best SOP writers in India, we decided to review the top 5. 

Here’s what we found: 

1. CampusTrail

CampusTrail is a trusted SOP writer in Mumbai that provides a wide range of professional writing and counseling services to students across the country. CampusTrail boasts a high rate of success and a proven record of students making it to renowned Indian and overseas universities of their choice with our professionally written SOP, with successful admissions to universities in US, UK, Canada, Australia, New zealand, Germany and more. It has a dedicated Quality Control (QC) and Operations team which ensures that all SOPs are rigorously assessed on several parameters before the final SOP is delivered.

CampusTrail provides you with options to personalize your SOPs by interacting and specifying your needs to the writer at any stage, with a dedicated operations manager who ensures hassle free revisions and edits. This makes you a part of the process throughout and ensures that the final SOP incorporates all your needs and requirements.

This service has by far produced over 5,000 winning SOPs and assisted admissions for Indian students to universities in 27 countries. The time tested and proven record of CampusTrail, along with the positive ratings and reviews, makes it a perfect option to choose for your SOP. Additionally, CampusTrail also provides study abroad counseling, application and financial assistance services to its clients. 

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2. SOP Pro

SOP Pro is a SOP writing service based in Delhi that provides professionally written SOPs to students. Their team of qualified writers have years of experience and can provide the best quality work for you on any subject under any topic, at affordable rates as well. 

This service has a 45+ member team of writers who cater to students all across India with 10 years of experience in study abroad, visa consultancy and SOP writing services. These features make them a reliable option to trust for your SOP.

In addition to SOPs , SOP Pro also provides LORs, Letter of Intent, Personal statements, Admission essays, Goals statement, Scholarship essays,SOP editing services and much more.


3. Get Admission Abroad

This is a SOP writing service based in Delhi. They provide an extensive range of  writing services, catering to students seeking professionally written SOPs for college admissions, student permits, scholarships,Letter of Motivation, Letter of Recommendation, Common App Essay, and more. 

A relatively new firm, they do have 3 years of experience in writing successful SOPs This service provides options to revise and edit your SOP with timely delivery and quality assurance.

Additionally, their SOPs are guaranteed to be plagiarism free, passed through multiple levels of quality checks and customized according to the needs of the students.


4. SOP Consultants

SOP consultants is a leading SOP writing service in India that has provided SOPs to Indian as well as international students. This is a reputed SOP writing service where quality control is strictly followed, in order to ensure delivery of successful SOPs.

Based in Kochi, this service has catered to students in several cities throughout India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Vizag, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune and Surat.

They have a skilled team of writers and experts who have served in study abroad agencies for years and are well trained and experienced to deliver professional SOPs.


5. Times Resumes

Times resume is a professional writing service based in Vadodara which provides CVs, Resumes and personal statements for college applications along with a variety of other services. Their services are not restricted to any region, they provide SOP services throughout India and to overseas individuals as well.

Times Resume specializes in creating impactful resumes while also offering professional SOP writing services to students aiming to apply for Graduate and Post Graduate courses in Universities situated in India, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, UK, France, Germany, Poland and Singapore.

The service provides timely delivery within 2-5 days of purchase. The company guarantees that strict quality control is followed alongside fast and timely delivery, so that the effectiveness of your SOP is not compromised.

What Sets CampusTrail Apart From Other SOP Writers?

  • 5 Universities, 5 Unique SOPs

CampusTrail provides you 5 unique SOPs customized according to each University you’re applying to. This number is not necessarily fixed and can be altered to suit your needs. This feature of the Campus trail SOP sets it apart from every other service available.

  • Pocket Friendly Services

CampusTrail doesn’t weigh heavy on your pocket for the exclusive and customized service. So when you choose us, you’re assured that we won’t tear a hole in your pocket.

  • Quality Control

Once our professional SOP writers have completed your SOP, the Quality Control team will review it for plagiarism and readability, and edit it again if necessary. We ensure that you receive a flawless SOP that will impress the committee in this manner.

  • Free Revisions and Edits

CampusTrail’s service provides you with the option to communicate your requirements to the writer in order to make additions or revisions to your SOP. This process ensures a winning final SOP.

  • You’re a Part of the Process

With CampusTrail’s service, you have the option to connect with the writer and communicate all your specific requirements and provide valuable inputs. A dedicated Operations Manager is assigned to you to cater to your requirements and ensure a smooth revision and delivery process.

  • Free Study Abroad Counseling

In addition to writing professional SOPs and LORs, CampusTrail also provides free study abroad counseling to individuals wanting to study in leading universities. The dedicated team of expert study abroad counselors at CampusTrail have by far assisted admissions for Indian students to 27 countries with a high success rate.  

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SOP Writers

FAQs about SOP writers

Can someone write my SOP?


while it is always a great idea to write your own SOP because no one knows your story better than you, you can consider hiring a professional SOP writer to help you with writing your statement of purpose. Various SOP writing services operate in India that can be availed by students. These services write a personalized SOP based on the information you have provided, the course and University you are applying to etc.

Should I hire a professional SOP writer?

Hiring professional SOP writers has several benefits. With professional help in SOP assistance,you are assured that your final SOP has a positive impact on the selection board and secures your admission. SOP writers are well trained in producing error free SOPs that follow the appropriate format, strong and impactful vocabulary and flawless grammar.

Which is the best SOP writing service?

While choosing a SOP writing service for your SOP that is best for you, make sure that you make the right decision by reviewing samples of the various services as well as going through customer reviews, ratings and recognitions. 



Completing a higher educational degree at a university of good repute is an important step forward towards building a successful career in your discipline. This makes it immensely important to create an error free application that secures your admission to your dream university and college.

Your SOP holds the power to bring you a step closer to studying at your dream college. So make sure you dedicate ample time in researching the various services available out there before you choose one.

While various firms exclusively provide writing services, CampusTrail is a one step solution for all your problems and doubts regarding studying abroad. Not only does CampusTrail offer services like study abroad counseling, university shortlisting, application assistance and Visa assistance, we will also provide complimentary services like free educational loan and scholarship assistance, student connect program and accommodation assistance.

Speak to our expert counselors today, book a free counseling session now!

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