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SOP For MBA in General Management [Download Free Sample SOP – 2022]

 While applying to any post-graduate program, you are required to present a personal statement to the university where you introduce yourself to the selection board and put forward your personal story which extends beyond your academic records and mark sheets. In order to make the cut through the rigorous selection processes of competitive courses offered at leading universities, creating a strong SOP for MBA in General Management to accompany your application becomes a crucial factor.

MBA in General Management

MBA has been a popular choice amongst students pursuing their higher education with the goal of gaining knowledge about business management, finance, administration, and leadership skills. This challenging field of study opens up your career to wide-ranging career opportunities and managerial positions in different fields and industries.

MBA in General Management is the most popular MBA program which is offered at leading universities around the world. As the name suggests, an MBA in General management focuses on the internal and external functioning of organizations and firms, business administration,  finance, marketing operations, and other important business topics. This makes it distinct from specialized MBA programs which offer specialization in one specific field.

Leading Universities Offering MBA in General Management

Considered to be a traditional MBA program, MBA General Management is offered by several major business schools in India and abroad. 

Leading Foreign Universities Offering MBA general Management Programmes are:-

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, USA
  • Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
  • Harvard Business School, Harvard University, USA

Some Best MBA Colleges for General Management in India are:-

  • FMS Delhi – Faculty of Management Studies University of Delhi
  • JBIMS Mumbai – Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies
  • PUMBA Pune – Department of Management Sciences Savitribai Phule Pune University
  • IIM Bangalore – Indian Institute of Management
  • IIM Ahmedabad – Indian Institute of Management

Statement Of Purpose for MBA in General Management

A competitive field of MBA requires a strong SOP that highlights your experience and orientation toward business management. It is crucial that you extensively highlight your professional work as well as educational and academic backgrounds well in your SOP for MBA general management and include all the relevant information which reflects your passion for the subject and can have a convincing impact on the selection board.

SOP for MBA in General Management

Structure for SOP for MBA General Management

In Order to make your writing effective and convincing, it is important that you follow a good structure for your Statement of Purpose. You can consider chalking out a rough outline beforehand where you arrange the contents of your SOP chronologically. This will not only make your work easier but help you adhere to the word limit while being elaborative at the same time as well.

For Formatting Your Paragraphs, Consider the Following Guidelines-

  • You may consider beginning your SOP with a relevant quote. This will have a positive impact on the reader and set a tone for your personal statement. Go for a simple quote by any eminent figure which is synchronous with the theme of your SOP.
  • Give a brief introduction of yourself and state the course you are applying to in the first paragraph.
  • Your second paragraph will talk about your inspirations in life, what inspired you to go for business administration as your subject for higher studies, and what were the incidents that sparked your interest in the field.
  • Talk about your academic background in the next paragraph. You can mention the projects you have undertaken, teams you have been a part of, and leadership positions you have held during your undergraduate year.  Also include the extra-curricular activities that you have engaged in and the national/international recognition you have received. 
  • Write about your professional work experience in the next paragraph. This is important when writing an SOP for an MBA where universities look for candidates who have ample exposure in the field and will excel at the In-Depth study of the subject. 
  • In the next paragraph, talk about your goals and aims in life, what you wish to do after completing this program and what can you give back to society and the university while you are a student there.
  • Include a concluding paragraph where you state why paragraph where you make your closing remarks, explaining how this is the correct step forward in your higher education, and why you feel your previous education provides the appropriate base for this program.

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5 Tips to Consider while writing SOP for MBA General Management

  • Be Informative

It is important that your SOP is elaborative and gives ample information to the selection board to assess you on various criteria. 

  • Highlight Your Best Skills

It is important that you present your best qualities and traits to the selection board which is relevant to the course you are applying to and make you a suitable candidate for being selected for the program. Also, mention the positions of responsibility and leadership you have held, recognitions you have received, and teams you have worked in.

  • Follow a Proper Format

Universities receive numerous applications for MBA programs so following a proper format will help you make a good impact on the board and concisely present your personal statement.

Follow the following format for your SOP-

Font- Times New Roman

Size- 12

Paragraph Align- Justify

In case a word limit has not been specified, your personal statement should not exceed 1000 words.

  • Focus on Your Grammar

It is important that you use good grammar and vocabulary while writing your SOP. Use simple words, and easy sentences and maintain an active voice throughout the SOP. Proofread for grammatical errors several times and run your work through grammar and plagiarism checks.

  • Stay Unique

In order to stand out amongst all the candidates applying to the programme, it is important that your SOP is unique and catches the eye of the reader.  Make sure not to go for templates found on the web. 

SOP for MBA in General Management


Sample SOP for MBA in General Management [2022]


The business has been an integral part of my family history; I grew up surrounded by its operations, watching my family members wholeheartedly devote themselves to it. Before I could realize it, the seed of management ingrained in me started to bloom, wishing to sprout into an independent sapling itself. While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I decided to join the family business with the expectation of gaining the required practical experience before pursuing a Master’s degree. Within the first few days, I concluded the need for a change in the operations conducted—with the ever-evolving technology, the need to implement modern techniques for accelerating business yield has become a requisite. Without a suitable pair of skills, the system can crumble and do more harm than good. Motivated to learn advanced management techniques and develop efficient skills, I seek a Master’s degree in Management from the City University of London.

I graduated from H.R College of Commerce and Economics with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a specialization in Accounting & Costing. My inclination towards the field of study has been persistent ever since my schooling days, where I exhibited prowess in subjects centering on accounting and mathematics. During my collegiate years, several opportunities in extracurricular activities presented themselves through inter-college festivals that needed management skills and knowledge.

I engaged in a few by conducting fundraisers, applying for sponsorships, ensuring accurate allocation of funds, smooth management of time, overlooking food and hospitality, securing, logistics, and so forth while simultaneously working towards making the project profitable to our club. Furthermore, I was a part of the managing committee of ‘Zipcode’, an international college festival. I have also been a member of the Rotaract Club of my college and served the community through ‘Aashayein’, an initiative aiming at the holistic development of rural villages in Maharashtra.

My professional journey started as a trainee under a real estate agent, where I handled ongoing and prospective client interactions, facilitated site visits regularly, and assisted in the smooth closing of deals. In addition to this, I also interned at Mustard Media, an advertising and marketing firm. My responsibilities included managing the social profiles of multiple clients, aiding in content creation, and engaging in social media advertisement management. Presently I have employed at XXX as an Associate in the Operation and General Management department. Consistently, I manage automobiles and their whereabouts, supervise the promptness of transport and trips, entertain client calls and queries as well as maintain bills and records of each vehicle and their journey.

A steady professional experience ranging from multiple firms and niches of businesses helped me conclude my dream of establishing a local vegan restaurant in the city. Though I began the initial phases of researching and formulating a base plan, my operations came to a halt due to the ongoing pandemic. Instilling patience, the instance also helped me decipher the obstacles and risks that can arise during the inception of a business. I believe a Master’s degree in Management from the City University of London would aid me greatly in actualizing my career prospects of launching my venture and piloting my family business to greater heights by implementing newer methods and technologies.

The curriculum’s academically rigorous and professionally relevant education, emphasizing analytical and practical tools to analyze complex strategic and operational management issues within a global context, shows the promise for personal and professional growth. I am confident that my ability to multitask, remain unfazed by demanding circumstances, and curiosity to learn new concepts deem me worthy of a place in the program, and I sincerely hope that the admissions consider me for the same.


[Download Free Sample SOP for MBA General Management – 2022]


FAQs About SOP Writing

Should I include a title for my SOP?

No, you are not required to give your SOP any titles. You can mention “statement of purpose” on top of your SOP, followed by a quote and your main content.

Is it appropriate to use general templates sourced from the web?

Using general templates reduces the uniqueness of your SOP and negatively impacts your impression on the board. So make sure to be unique and stand out amongst other candidates

Should I mention my weaknesses in my SOP?

Yes, you can talk about your weak points and how you plan at improving on these areas in your SOP. However, do not give too much emphasis on your weaknesses and try highlighting your relevant skills and abilities.

Can I get expert guidance and assistance for my SOP?

Writing a Personal Statement can be a challenging task for people who are unfamiliar with SOP writing. Seeking expert guidance for your SOP business management is a good option moving forward with your application. You can find more information about reliable Professional SOP assistance services here.


An MBA in General Marketing from a University of repute opens up your career to a plethora of possibilities and opportunities. The competitive selection process demands students to stand out and highlight their skills and temperaments beyond their academic record in order to get selected. This makes it imperative that you direct your efforts toward writing an error-free and impactful personal statement. Brainstorming, thorough research, and rigorous proofreading are factors that contribute to a good SOP.

Even with all the guidelines and samples available, students might find it difficult to write a convincing SOP that reflects their best qualities. While it’s always a good idea to write your own SOP because no one can tell your story better than yourself, you may consider seeking expert assistance in case you are doubtful about various elements of your SOP.

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