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List of Top 5 SOP Writers in Bangalore [2022]

SOP Writers in Bangalore : In the past few years, SOPs have become a crucial part of the application process. Nowadays, admissions departments are bombarded with applications from students who have perfect or near-perfect grades and test scores, but lack something else: a strong essay. A strong essay is what sets you apart from your college competition.

A well-written Statement of Purpose (SOP) can help you stand out from the crowd in two ways: firstly by showing off your writing skills and secondly by showing that you are an interesting person. If you write an essay that’s dull and uninteresting, it will be a red flag to admissions officers and they’ll wonder why they should let you into their school when they can pick an applicant who has high grades and test scores as well as an interesting personality.

Why Should You Hire a Professional SOP Writer in Bangalore?

Hiring a professional SOP writer comes with its own advantages. A professional writer knows what they are doing, and will be able to draft the best possible SOP for you which helps you stand out in the selection process.

  • SOP writers are skilled in their profession. They have English language proficiency and experience in creating unique content.
  • SOP writers are familiar with the requirements of creating SOPs for admission to top universities. They know what the selection board expects and make sure that the SOP meets all the demands and you secure your admission.
  • SOP writers ensure that your story is original and true to your inclinations and temperaments. They present your story in the best possible way and ensure that immense attention is paid to every minute detail.

Writing a SOP can be a tough job to tackle. It is beneficial to consult with an expert and seek professional help if you are not confident in your writing. However, sometimes it can be better for a person to write one themselves if they have the confidence and skill levels necessary. In the latter case, it becomes important that you are familiar with the requirements of writing a good SOP. Our detailed blog about How to Write A SOP for MS and How To Write A SOP for MBA can help you understand the requirements of creating a strong and winning SOP and provide you with expert tips on SOP writing.

SOP Writers in Bangalore

Best SOP Writers in Bangalore

When looking for SOP writers in Bangalore, a number of names come up on the lists. Each of these services have their own unique features and in order to make the best best decision, you will be required to compare their SOP writing services in Bangalore to choose the best option for yourself.

We Have Made a List of the Top 5 Best SOP Writers in Bangalore to Help You with Making a Choice :

1. CampusTrail

CampusTrail is a reputed SOP writing service based in Mumbai which provides students with top quality application material alongside study abroad solutions and counseling.

Having catered to students across all major cities in India, this experienced service has a dedicated Quality Control (QC) and Operations team that works tirelessly to ensure that there’s no compromise with the quality of your SOP, with multiple parameters of quality checks and proofreading by domain experts.They provide heavily personalized services that include 5 unique essays tailored according to 5 different universities!  Additionally, CampusTrail will also help you with exploring study abroad options and provide you assistance with all your needs from SOPs and LORs to financial aid, scholarships, accommodation and student connect programs.

This affordable service is rated 4.7 on Google and has a record of delivering quality SOPs with 5000+ successful SOPs, alongside positive customer reviews. These features make it reliable and one of the best options available to you for your SOP.

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2. bestcontentwriter

With a team of experienced professional writers and a wide variety of services, this service stands out as a good option for your SOP.

bestcontentwriter is a content writing service based in Kerala that provides SOP writing services to students throughout India. They have a team of creative and qualified writers who can create well written professional SOPs for your application. They bring multiple services under one and caters to all your SOP writing needs.

They also have a dedicated customer support team which answers all the queries and doubts of the clients. Their services are affordable and follow stringent quality control, making it a good option for your SOP 

3. professionalwritingservices

Professional writing services is a content writing solutions company that provides a variety of services, including professional SOP writing for college and university applications.

This SOP service guarantees 100 percent compliance with the right SOP formats, with emphasis on every minute detail, thanks to an experienced staff of authors and quality management. Their SOP includes a guarantee of prompt delivery and professional quality.

Their wide range of services include  Executive Resume Writing,Visual Resume Writing,Student Resume Writing,Linkedin Summary Writing,Sop Writing Services. They derive their experience in the field from their work as SOP writers in several cities including Delhi, including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Pune and Hyderabad.

4. Anjit v.s

This is an professional SOP writing service in Bangalore with years’ of experience in writing impeccable SOPs and LORs.

They have written SOPs for PhD programs, Master programs,Undergraduate programs,Certification programs and Diploma programs.

They are familiar with the requirements of most universities in the world as they have extensive experience in writing SOPs and LORs for various institutes in; USA,Australia,UK,Canada,Germany,Ireland.

5. sophelp

Located in Delhi, India, Sophelp has distinguished itself as a reputable SOP writer in Bangalore by producing interesting SOPs that have a favourable impression on the reader.

They’ve been writing SOPs for a decade, starting in 2012, and have worked in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and a number of other locations.

They offer a variety of services, including writing and proofreading, as well as editing and other content-related services. This service focuses on assisting applicants with their applications to Canadian universities

SOP Writers in Bangalore

Why Does CampusTrail Stand Out as the Best SOP Writers in Bangalore?

  • Personalised Unique SOPs

Our writers are very creative and write unique content for every client. They understand your requirements and make sure that you get the best results from your SOP.

We are known for providing 100% original content to our clients.We make sure that there is no chance of plagiarism in any of our work.

  • Reliable Services with Timely Delivery

When it comes to college applications, time can be a crucial factor in ensuring your admission. We deliver your order on time, and ensure that there is no delay in its delivery. We assign an expert writer to work on your order and make sure that it is delivered within the deadline specified by you.

  • Quality Services at an Affordable Price

CampusTrail will not drill a hole into your pockets for providing professional quality SOPs. Additionally, we also provide you with free study abroad counselling services as well as assist you in every possible way to realise your dream of studying abroad. The spirit behind what we do is that everyone deserves high-quality services at an affordable price. We offer the best quality of services with a value for your money. 

  • Skilled Team of Professional Writers

Our writers are highly skilled in SOP writing, which is why they can produce high-quality SOPs even within a short deadline. They write SOPs for different subjects and courses including MBA, MS, MA, UG courses,engineering etc. You name it and we will write it. Our writers can also write SOPs on any level of complexity – from high UG to Phd level.

  • 5 Universities, 5 Unique SOPs

CampusTrail understands your specific needs and helps you create strong applications for every university you wish to apply to. This feature makes CampusTrail stand out from other SOP writers.


A strong essay is one that makes the admissions committee really want to meet you in person and find out more about who you are as a person. A strong essay shows that there is more to you than just numbers on a page; it shows what makes you unique, what sets you apart from all of those other applicants who have perfect or near-perfect grades and test scores. 

This makes it extremely important that while trusting someone with an Important document like your SOP, you make sure that you are familiar with their services’ features, records and ratings. When choosing a writer to write your SOP for you, make sure that they Have experience writing SOPs for the subject areas you have chosen. Make sure that you go through their samples and customer reviews and make an Informed decision.

All the best!

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