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List of Top 5 SOP Writers in Chennai [Updated 2022]

SOP Writers in Chennai : SOPs have become a crucial part of the application process in recent years, as admissions departments are bombarded with applications from students who have perfect or near-perfect grades and test scores. However, there’s something else that sets you apart: your personal essay.

This is what will set you out in the competition for acceptance to college among other applicants–your personal engaging story about why college should be your next step after high school graduation!

When looking for SOP writers in Chennai, you will have a plethora of options to choose from and in order to make the best decision and trust a SOP Writing Service in Chennai with your SOP you need to familiarize yourself with their various features and records.

So let us have a closer look at Professional SOP writers, how they benefit you and how different services compare.

 Advantages of Hiring SOP Writers in Chennai 

Hiring a professional writers gives you the necessary edge in the competition, helping you make it through the rigorous selection processes at leading universities and helping you stand out

  • Professional SOP writers are well trained and have a good grasp on the English language, which helps them write SOPs that exhibit the best writing styles and grammar.
  • These individuals are familiar with the formats and requirements for writing a SOP for leading universities, so you’re assured that your SOP will have the right formats.
  • Professional SOP writers know what the admissions officers expect. They are well familiar with SOP writing and their experience helps them write flawless SOPs which incorporate every essential keypoints.
  • By hiring a Professional writer, you can dedicate your time towards other elements of your application and save your time.

While professional writers give you an edge in the competition and help you stand out, writing your own SOP doesn’t make your SOP any less effective if you are confident about your writing skills and incorporate all the guidelines and rules.

Read our detailed blog about How to Write A SOP for MS and How To Write A SOP for MBA to find tips and guidelines by our professional writers which will help you write a winning SOP by yourself.

SOP writers in Chennai

Top 5 Professional SOP Writers in Chennai

While a number of student centric content writing platforms operate in Chennai, a few stand out for their positive records and features. To help you make the right decision for yourself, we’ve made a list of the 5 best professional SOP writers in Chennai along with their features.

1. CampusTrail

This is a unique service which is based in Mumbai and provides top quality application material including SOPs and LORs to students seeking admission in top universities around the world.

CampusTrail’s services stand out for their emphasis on quality control and customer satisfaction. A dedicated Quality Control ( QC) team ensures that your SOP is up to the mark with all quality standards and inspected by subject experts and counselors. An operations manager is assigned to you who ensures you have a smooth experience and can communicate all your requirements to the writer in a hassle free manner. Additionally, this service is comparatively affordable and also provides you with solutions to all your study abroad needs from free counseling to helping you apply, find scholarships and aid, and even connect you to students studying abroad.

This service is rated 4.7 on Google and has hundreds of positive customer reviews, making it a reliable and trustworthy option to choose for your SOP.

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2. Bestcontentwriter

This is a trusted service with a dedicated team of professional writers who can craft winning SOPs  as well as other materials for your college application. 

They follow strict quality control measures and you’re assured that your SOP is error free and meets all the requirements of the University you’re applying to

This SOP writing service comes with a guarantee of zero plagiarism, and 100% unique SOPs that help you stand out. This service has stood out for its good reputation for years and is a good option to choose for your SOP.

3. Professionalwritingservices

This writing service is a reputable option in the sphere and provides a wide range of content writing services in addition to SOP writing which include admission essays, student resumes, letter of intent and more.

This service has a team of dedicated professional writers who have experience in working with students from various courses and backgrounds, which has helped them gain the much needed exposure required for writing winning SOPs with a hundred percent accuracy.

This service will write SOPs for the toughest profiles and make sure that the work is in sync with all requirements of the universities. It’s proven record and positive customer reviews make it a good option to choose for your SOP.

4. Sopconsultants

This is a content writing service for students specialising in creating compelling SOPs. As an experienced SOP writing service which has produced winning SOPs for leading universities abroad, they are well familiar with the formats and latest trends in SOP writing making them a good option to choose.

This service has written SOPs for all subjects and courses and has helped students secure admissions to universities in Europe, Canada, US, Newzealand and Australia

The positive reviews, ratings and a record of quality assurance makes this one of the better options to choose for your SOP.

5. Sophelp

This is a student centric service which produces quality SOPs as well as provides a range of SOP related services to students across India to help with admissions to universities around the world, especially in Canada.

This is a comparatively experienced service with having served as SOP writers for over a decade since 2012 providing services as 

SOP writers in Chennai i, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, and several other cities. 

Their wide range of services include SOP writing, proofreading, editing, and a range of other services. 

SOP writers in Chennai

What Makes CampusTrail the Best SOP Writers in Chennai?

  • Professional SOPs at Affordable Rates

At CampusTrail, you’re assured that we won’t empty your wallets. Our affordable SOP services do not compromise with the quality.

  • A Team of Experienced Writers, Subject Experts and Counselors

Unlike most SOP writing services which hire freelancers to work on your SOPs, CampusTrail has a trained and experienced team of writers, in addition to a dedicated staff composed of experts and counselors who verify every minute detail of your SOP

  •  A Round the Clock Support Team

With Campustrail you experience hassle free and smooth SOP writing experience. A dedicated Operations Manager connects with you and is approachable around the clock so that you can communicate all your requirements and needs to your writer and revise/edit your SOP after the first draft is delivered.

  • 5 Unique SOPs for 5 Different Universities

CampusTrail is not merely a SOP content writer. We understand what you are looking for and what are your goals and pursuits. That is why we offer to write multiple SOPs for you tailored to the needs of each University you are applying to, with immense detail on the historical backgrounds, faculty and other relevant details which are unique to the university.

  • One Step Solution to All Study Abroad Needs

CampusTrail provides free study abroad counselling and helps you with every stage of the process from selecting the best universities and helping you apply, secure a visa, find accommodation and scholarships and even connect you to students abroad!


Since a number of SOP writers in Chennai have come up in the recent years, and choosing the best option for your needs can be a difficult decision to make.

Since your SOP is a decisive document that can secure or negatively impact your admission to your dream University, it is important that you compare every service on the basis of their ratings, samples and features to ensure you make the best decision for yourself.

All the best!

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