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SOP For MS in Psychology [Format & Sample SOP – 2022]

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While seeking admission to a master’s course in a university, you would be required to go through a long multi-stepped process that would involve researching, proofreading, and furnishing documents. When the selection board application analyses your application, they will assess your profile on various criteria beyond your academic record. This makes your SOP For MS in psychology an essential document that would decide your admission or rejection for a course.


How to Write Statement Of Purpose for MS in Psychology

Sop for masters in psychology

Like other popular courses, Psychology has an arduous selection process where you would have to stand out amongst numerous candidates in order to secure your admission. This is why writing a strong and effective statement of purpose becomes even more important for you.

A good SOP for MS in Psychology should reflect your orientation towards  In-depth study of the subject and inclination towards research. It is important that you include your best traits in your SOP which make you the perfect candidate for being selected for the course.

Format of SOP for MS in Psychology

A convincing SOP is characterized by an effective format that best organizes the content of your SOP and helps you adhere to the word limit while being descriptive and informative. You should consider dividing your SOP into 4-5 paragraphs, depending on the word limit specified by the University. In the case a word limit hasn’t been mentioned, your SOP for psychology masters should not exceed 1000-1200 words in any case.

Professional Guidelines Which Will Help You Write an Impactful SOP

Sop for masters in psychology

  • Start your SOP with a quote that well suits your theme for the document. It should be relevant, concise, and from a renowned or historically significant figure.
  • The first paragraph of your SOP should include your brief introduction of yourself along with the course you are applying to.
  • Your next paragraph should talk about your inspirations in life, what sparked your fascination with psychology etc. You can mention a story or a person who motivated you to take up Psychology for your master’s. Make sure to be unique in this part.
  • The third paragraph should be about your academic and professional work experience. This is important from the perspective of the selection board that will be assessing you based on your exposure in the field. Mention your projects, achievements, recognitions, and professional work in this paragraph
  • Your fourth paragraph is where you answer questions like “why should you be chosen for this specific course?” And “what makes you the right candidate for this course?” You also need to include the historical significance of the university you’re applying to and the faculty members you’re familiar with who you want to research.
  • Include a concluding paragraph where you highlight why your previous education and experience set a strong base for your master’s. 

It is essential that you follow a professional format while writing your SOP in order to make an impact on the reader and secure your admission. You can consider consulting domain experts while writing your SOP for guidance. This will help you create an error-free SOP that best suits your profile. Enquire about professional SOP assistance services now to know more!

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5 Effective Tips  to Follow While Writing SOP for MS Psychology

1. Be Unique

No one knows your story better than yourself, so make sure you stand out amongst all the candidates.

When you write an SOP for psychology, answer questions like “what inspired you to take up psychology for your master’s?” And “what is the significance of Psychology in the modern world?” should reflect your uniqueness and creativity.

2. Mind Your Tone

SOP isn’t an overtly formal or overtly personal document but a balance of the two. Use an active voice through the document. Make sure to be humble in your tone while maintaining a bold and confident outlook in your writing.

3. Highlight Your Achievements

Mention the awards and recognition you’ve received in your academic and professional career. Make sure not to include everything you’ve done, but only the awards that are relevant to the course you are applying to. Also, mention the co-curricular activities you’ve excelled at on national/international levels and reflect your leadership abilities and other skills. Your statement of purpose for masters in psychology should reflect your orientation and passion for psychology.

4. Plagiarism is to be Avoided

Using generalized templates and copying from Sample SOPs will negatively impact your application. Make sure you run your work through plagiarism check tools and avoid the use of copied language.

5. Be Careful with Grammar

As it is needless to say, grammatical errors will have a bad impact on the selection board’s impression of you. Make sure to use simple language and easy sentence structure. Follow a timeline while writing and do not go to and fro. Make sure to run your work through grammar tools and rectify every mistake.

 Sample SOP for Masters in psychology

My desire to study psychology emerged from a low phase in my life. I lost a dear friend to the clutches of self-harm and depression when I was still in tenth grade. The void in my life created by my friend’s absence was incomparable to the void in my heart, and gradually I drifted off into a state where I struggled to find a sense of direction and motivation.

At that time, my school’s counselor reached out to me because she noticed the subtle changes in my behavior despite my attempts to keep up appearances. Initially, I was resistant to her approaches, however, her warmth soon melted my defenses down, allowing me to finally express my pent-up frustrations, feelings of helplessness, and overwhelming grief that threatened to engulf me. It was in these moments that I realized that, while certain wounds may never heal, it was nevertheless possible to come to terms with things and live without being overwhelmed by them by practicing acts of understanding and acceptance of one’s sentiments.

I was inspired by my counselor and therefore decided to opt for Psychology as a fifth subject in the following two years. In fact, Psychology classes became the thing that I looked forward to the most. The concept, theories, and technicalities of the subject greatly fascinated me. The practicals were extremely insightful, and I found great joy in conducting them. However, the way I was able to glance at my innermost self through a systematic approach gave me the greatest delight. These two years played an essential role in shaping my plans for the future, and as my love for the subject grew, so did my determination to pursue a career that allowed me to devise support systems for those plagued by mental illness and create a safe space away from society’s stigma.

Hence, I decided to pursue my undergraduate in Psychology at Maharani’s College, which is affiliated with the University of Rajasthan. I was admitted to the program with honors in the first division. My undergraduate included subjects such as Statistics, Research methods in Psychology besides core subjects like Neurological bases of behavior and Abnormal psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental psychology, Applied psychology, Counseling, and General psychology. Because of such diverse papers every year, my horizon has grown more than what it used to be before my Bachelor’s degree.

Furthermore, I have completed a certificate course, “Understanding Memory: Explaining the Psychology of Memory through Movies”, authorized by Wesleyan University through Coursera.

This course combined 2 of my favorite things, Movies, and Psychology, and was very educational. I enrolled in the “Major Depression in the Population: A Public Health approach” course on Coursera soon after, which is offered by Johns Hopkins University. I have also participated in a national-level Psychology quiz hosted by Fortis Hospital. While preparing for this quiz, I was introduced to many new areas of psychology that were unknown to me. 

I was grateful to have the opportunity to intern for a month at the Rajasthan University Women Association, which is operated by women from the University of Rajasthan, where I was able to learn a lot while working with the university’s distinguished professors and alumni. I learned about the NGO’s basic operations as well as the shelter run by the organization, and met women from different walks of life and learned about their struggles. It was a genuinely eye-opening experience that made me realize how the hardships we face in life bring us together as women.

Soon after my graduation, the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic forced everything to a halt and drastically impacted our ways of life. Furthermore, the long periods of lockdown and loss of opportunities have increasingly affected the rise of mental health issues. I wanted to utilize this time well and so enrolled in a postgraduate diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy from the Indira Gandhi National Open University.

As my college lacked the facilities, I have not had the chance to engage in many activities pertaining to my major. Therefore, I am excited to take advantage of the various opportunities at XXX university to acquire the hands-on experience that I lack presently. Immediately following the program, I intend to work at the ground level and build up expertise. I intend to further explore the areas of Counselling or the Organizational sector of Psychology and contribute to eliminating the stigma attached to mental health issues, and creating an open environment for treatment, as that was what brought my attention to psychology in the first place.

I am looking forward to new experiences in the industry that will allow me to understand the mentality of a diverse range of people and provide them with the support they need to heal as people. I look forward to being guided on this path by the illustrious XXX University and sincerely hope that the admissions committee will recognize me as a worthy candidate for the program.

Download Sample SOP  for MS in Psychology- 2022

SOP Samples for Masters in Psychology PDF


Completing a master’s from a reputable University is a once in a lifetime opportunity for scholars of any field. Therefore, creating an SOP for masters in psychology becomes a very important step toward achieving your dreams.

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A well-written statement of purpose for psychology requires you to dedicate time to researching thoroughly and reading sample SOPs sourced from the web. You can find some blogs about writing SOP for MS  here and get an In-depth overview of professional SOP writing that would help you create an efficient Statement of Purpose which will secure your admission to your dream university.

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