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SOP For MBA in Finance [Download Free Sample SOP – 2022]

While going for your higher education, the very initial step that a candidate takes is writing an SOP for MBA in Finance. Getting selected for your dream college can be a challenging task to accomplish, and would require you to present a strong candidature to the selection board.

Writing a strong and effective Statement of Purpose (SOP ), therefore, becomes a task of utmost importance in your college application.

MBA in Finance

MBA in finance is a popular specialization offered at various business schools around the world. An MBA in finance In-depth study of financial aspects of business administration. 

Leading firms around the world look for professionals with qualifications in financial studies and who are well versed with money systems, stocks, financial products, and management of financial resources for a firm.

This makes an MBA in finance a valuable qualification that will open your career to several opportunities in the newly emerging powerful Indian finance industry as well as the global finance industry.

SOP for MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance Abroad: Top Universities

A popular Specialisation like Finance is offered at various reputed Business Schools around the world. 

Here Are The Most Popular Foreign Universities offering an MBA in Finance

  • University of Alberta

Edmonton, Canada

  • Coventry University

Coventry, UK

  • Stanford University

Stanford, USA

  • Concordia University

Montreal, Canada

  • New York University

New York, USA

Completing your MBA in Finance from a leading foreign University will offer a unique opportunity to interact and engage with the global finance industry, as well as provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience of studying abroad. 

Our experts at Campus trail provide In-Depth assistance and guidance with study abroad options for your MBA in finance. Enquire now to know more.

SOP for MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance has emerged as a popular choice among individuals seeking to make a career in finance. This has added to the competitiveness of this already challenging field of study. Since universities receive a large number of applications every year, it is important that your application stands out in order to secure your admission.

Your Statement of Purpose offers you an opportunity to present your candidature to the selection board in your own words and highlight the skills and temperaments that make you a good candidate for the course.

Similar to other MBA specializations, an SOP for MBA Finance should emphasize heavily relevant skills and experiences that make you a good candidate for being selected for the course.

Structure for SOP for MBA in Finance

  • Start with a relevant quote. This isn’t compulsory but will help you set a theme for the SOP and make a good Impression.
  • For your first paragraph, introduce yourself in brief and mention the course you are applying to. Include a short incident or story that sparked your interest in this field or inspired you in life.
  • Your second paragraph should be dedicated to discussing your academic background. Mention the college where you completed your bachelor’s, what experience did you gain during your undergraduate years and what are some significant achievements you have in your academic life. Also include the societies you have been a part of, projects you undertook, and positions of responsibility you have held
  • Your third paragraph highlights your professional career. Mention the positions you have served at as a professional in the field that enrich your knowledge about concepts of finance, stocks, resource allocation, and management, etc.
  • Conclude with your final remarks, highlighting why your experience and education set the right base for your MBA in operations management and what are your goals in life after you complete the course.

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Professional Tips for Writing an SOP for MBA in Finance

Focus on Details

It is important that your statement of purpose for MBA Finance lays ample emphasis on the details related to your work experience, academic background, and professional skills that make you an ideal candidate for the course.

Highlight Your Goals and Aspirations

Make sure that your SOP for Finance MBA reflects your clarity of thought regarding your career prospects. Talk about how this is the right step forward in your higher education and how well will you fit in/what are the things you will give back to the community while you’re on campus.

Keep a Check on Your Grammar

Make sure not to use technical language and terms. Use simple vocabulary and sentence structures. Make sure to follow a timeline throughout your SOP and do not go to and fro on topics. Prefer using an active voice while writing your SOP.

Run your work through grammar tools, and vigorously proofread manually.

Short is Sweet

In case not specified, your SOP for Finance Masters should preferably be in the range of 500-1000 words. Try to make your work crisp and to the point. You need to strike the right balance between informative and concise in order to create an impactful SOP.

SOP in MBA Finance


Sample SOP for MBA in Finance [2022]



I understood the importance of financial literacy fairly early on in life; due to the lack of adequate planning in managing the costs of commodities and no professional advice, our family-run business went bankrupt. Though the turmoil of the events affected us all deeply, it also proved a valuable lesson. Soon after, I developed a keen interest in understanding how businesses are valued and began to gravitate towards Finance. However, since only a select few schools specialized in providing quality education in the field, I primarily relied on YouTube to familiarise myself with robust concepts. As I gained substantial knowledge, I began to teach the basics of Finance and Accounting at a nonprofit organization. The experience made me realize how profoundly I felt about the discipline and helped me conclude the pursuit of higher education with a Master’s degree in Finance from XXX.


I obtained my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from GITAM University in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The course of my education predominantly focused on establishing and honing my ability to apply mechanical engineering principles to design, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. My acquaintance with several stimulating course material modules was supplemented by my participation in various academic projects that helped make my foundational knowledge more robust and explore the implementation of my classroom learnings in practicality. Amongst them, one was a study of the ‘Stability Analysis of a Titanium Oxide Nanoparticle induced Niger Seed Oil Biodiesel.’ I served as the project lead for the same; the experience strengthened my interpersonal and leadership skills and emphasized the importance of each member’s contribution to achieving desirable end results. By virtue of my collective learnings, I secured an internship at Verzeo Ltd., a manufacturing design company, where, as a Junior Designer, I worked on the design of a drone using the Klann mechanism. Though my scholastic journey was incredibly fulfilling, the thought of pursuing Engineering in a professional capacity didn’t bring me the joy I thought it would and instead always prompted a feeling of being lost.


My inclination into the discipline of Finance actively commenced during my Bachelor’s degree, when amidst the array of subjects that I studied, I found myself most gravitating towards Engineering Economics and Management, offered in the third year. It extensively dove into managing fixed and variable costs, balancing ledgers and calculating depreciation rates in assets, amongst others. As I began to familiarise myself with the field of Finance, I gained an appreciation for all the concepts, tools, and techniques employed to carry out a diverse range of operations and arrive at conclusions. Moreover, my academic excellence and proclivity towards the field allowed me to pursue online courses on Coursera in ‘Finance and Accounting Specialisation,’ and ‘Financial and Quantitative Modelling for Analysts Specialisation,’ offered by Wharton Online, University of Pennsylvania, as well as ‘Advanced Valuation and Strategy, M&A Private Equity and Venture Capital,’ as conducted by the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and realize that my true calling lay in the domain.


Supported by the confidence of possessing a substantial grasp on the domain fundamentals, I opted to advance my knowledge under a project on ‘Discounted Cash Flow Modelling’, as required by my course on Coursera, and contributed to forecasting the growth of a company in the coming five years. For the same, I used historical financials and calculated equity and enterprise value as well as free cash flow using Excel and Google Sheets. Additionally, I piloted another project on Coursera titled ‘Stock Valuation with Dividend Discount Model,’ where I valued a company’s fair share price using dividend history, growth rate and cost of equity. 


Presently, even as a Program Analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions and addressing and handling the issues faced by users in accessing the website’s platform, my propensity toward Finance grows more robust with each passing day. Armed with my intended Master’s degree from XXX, I hope to gain prowess in applying quantitative analysis to comprehend the various issues in global finance, understand the effects of the increase in global communication on international finance decisions and improve my decision-making skills. After graduating, I aim to secure a rigorous, demanding and rewarding position in the profession and equip myself with considerable knowledge and skills. In the years to come, following ample work experience and gaining an insight into how businesses are fuelled by capital and building the qualified network needed to start private equity and consultancy firm, I plan to obtain an MBA degree in Finance and supplement my existing competence. I also wish to continue being a part of XXX, a nonprofit organization, and employ my skills by spreading financial awareness and literacy, an essential part of formal education. During the prospective course of my Master’s degree education, I am confident in accelerating my existing elemental knowledge in Finance and Accounting and implementing my strong command of mathematical concepts and quantitative aptitude. I believe my passion for learning and growing as a celebrated member in the field and my innate ability to solve complex problems can prove an asset to the institution’s glory. I hope that the admission committee recognizes my zeal and grants me an opportunity to actualize my aspirations.


Statement of Purpose for MBA Finance PDF Sample


FAQs About SOP Writing

Should my SOP have a strictly formal tone?

A common misconception is that an SOP should follow a strictly formal tone. Your SOP should be a balance of formal and personal language and should not overtly incline towards either of the two.

How do I write about my work experience in the SOP for an MBA?

Your work experience should represent the best qualities that make you a suitable candidate for the course you are applying to and represent your inclination towards an In-depth study of the field.

Consider giving preference to your professional work that is relevant to your MBA. Mention the firms you have worked at, the projects you have undertaken, and the exposure you’ve gained during this period.

What is the ideal format for an SOP?

Follow the following format for your SOP-

Font- Times New Roman

Size- 12

Paragraph Align- Justify

Where can I find SOP writing resources to help me with writing my personal statement?

You can find various websites and blogs that provide sample SOPs and guidelines on the internet.

The CampusTrail blog is one such informative blog curated by professional writers and domain experts with experience across fields. You can check out our SOP for MBA and LOR resource compilation and study abroad guides on our blog.


After making a bold choice like finance as the specialization for your higher education, you must be prepared to tackle the challenges presented by this field to you and work towards building a strong career in Finance.

Completing your MBA in Finance from a reputed institution is essential to provide the foundation for an impactful career in Finance where you can utilize the skills you’ve acquired through your education and experience and work at various positions and diverse roles in leading firms, as well as entrepreneurial work. A Strong SOP is what can bridge the gap between your acceptance and rejection of a course at a good business school.

While writing your own statement of purpose for MBA in Finance is always a better idea since no one will know your story better than you do, candidates who do not have experience with writing SOPs may feel doubtful about several elements of their SOP. You can consider going for SOP assistance services in case you face similar issues while writing your college application.

And if you are looking for professional SOP writers, then you must check out our list of Top 5 Best & Professional SOP Writers in India in 2022.

While several services available today provide SOPs based on questionnaires answered by you, one pocket-friendly SOP writing service which stands out is CampusTrail. The dedicated team of writers and domain experts at CampusTrail have provided SOPs for applications to universities in over 27 countries by far. The one feature that stands out and sets CampusTrail apart is the option for customization and personalization of SOP, where you can convey your special requirements and needs and request edits and changes to the writer throughout the process.

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