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Debunking Myths About Studying Abroad

Debunking Myths About Studying Abroad: Studying abroad can be a one-time life experience. A number of factors are to be considered by a student when he/she plans on studying abroad to pursue higher education. While this decision is one of the most crucial decisions in a student’s life, it is important to have a solid plan. Methodical planning and decisions taken care of can be of great help for a student to achieve their goals. A lot of times, we hear other people saying things that demotivate us from doing what we wanted to. Studying abroad can have such situations too. A lot of misconceptions and rumors have been floating around when it comes to this topic. Many students withdraw their plans after listening to such things. But, we won’t let that happen to you. let’s begin debunking myths about studying abroad.

Here are a few myths related to studying abroad which will be debunked and help you in erasing all the confusion away from your mind :

1. Studying Abroad Is Unsafe

This is one of the biggest rumors which have been spreading around. whereas, it is absolutely untrue. Universities all around the world are opening their doors to millions of international students to make them more culturally diverse. The safety of international students has been the topmost priority of all foreign universities. Safety has definitely been the concern of the parents who have to stay away from their children. So, all the universities are taking serious steps in protecting the well-being of a student. Countries like Canada, the USA, Dubai, the UK, the Philippines, New Zealand, etc. have been ranked as the safest countries in the world by various reports.

2. Overseas Education Is Not Valuable As Before

You will hear a lot of people saying stuff like education abroad does not hold much value because of the increase in the number of students who plan on studying abroad. It is a common myth that should be debunked as soon as possible. As convincing as it sounds, it is not true. The education system in these top-tier universities is remarkable. Companies all around the world come in search of these bright minds studying in such universities. In a world where the competition is increasing so rapidly, having an international degree can definitely give you an edge over the other candidates.

Don't Let These 5 Study Abroad Myths Hold You Back!

3. Studying Abroad Is Expensive

Yes, studying abroad can cost you a lot of money. But if people start looking at it as a long-term investment, that amount is merely a number. The opportunities an international degree can bring for a student are unbelievable. There are many scholarship programs that can be of great help to a student. Financial assistance is one of the best services provided by study abroad consultants. Everyone who dreams it can achieve it. Part-time jobs in the respective country can also help you in taking care of your expenses and help you in repaying the education loan taken from the banks.

 Study Abroad Myths

4. Making Friends Will Be Hard

One of the biggest focuses of universities across the world is to create a space of cultural diversity in and around the campus. Millions of students leave their native country and settle down in a completely new country. Everyone around you is looking for new friends whom they can spend their time with. With time, you will find new people whom you are comfortable with and build a strong relationship with them. Universities play a vital role in helping the students find new friends by organizing various social events where all the students have fun together. One of the biggest advantages of studying abroad is the vast network one can create. This is possible due to the presence of people from every corner of the world in the same room.

 5 Study Abroad Myths

5. You, Will, Find The Same Courses In Your Native Country

While this statement is partially true, it has a number of contradictions to it. The biggest reason why students plan on studying abroad is the quality of education these universities provide. Countries like the USA and Canada have one of the most highly ranked universities in the world. Even if the courses are the same, the level of education is way beyond comparison. Practical knowledge is given more priority than theoretical ones. This proves to be of great help for the students to actually understand the application of the things they have been studying in college.

Studying abroad can be one of the best decisions you ever make in your life. Do not let these myths come in the way of you chasing your dream. A number of studies abroad consultants are available now, who can help you in clearing all your doubts and assisting you with the necessary requirements. These years of studying abroad can be the best experience of your life. So, go ahead and make that happen.

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