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Why Should You Hire A Study Abroad Consultant?

The whole process of studying abroad for a student can be confusing and exhausting. Hiring a study abroad consultant can make your job easy and save a lot of your time. These consultants are well known for choosing the right universities and the aspired courses for the students who are planning on studying abroad. The consultants are highly experienced and determined to know the best interests of the students. Their immense amount of knowledge helps the students to understand what their best interests are, and select the best university for them. A lot of students planning to study abroad look for consultants who can get the job done for them. This proves to be very beneficial for the students because it eradicates any kind of confusion present in the student’s mind.

Here is why you should hire a study abroad consultant when you plan on studying abroad:

Profile Evaluation & Short Listing

Choosing a university in a foreign country can be a tedious process. A study abroad consultant can help you with that in the best way possible. Right from evaluating your profile to selecting the course and the most appropriate university for you, a study abroad consultant can do that. Choosing the appropriate course is quite tiring and a confusing experience for the students. These consultants have various processes to identify the best interest of the students where they can excel in the future. Some courses are a specialty of some universities and they can help you find such universities at the comfort of your home.

Assistance With Documents

Gathering all the documents at the given time can be a tiresome process. But, you need not worry about that as well. Once you select the desired university, the consultants will also help you in preparing all the documents you need to provide to the given university. Right from your SoP to your LoR, and all your other required documents, these study abroad consultants will take care of it. You can also have your SoPs and LoRs customized according to your convenience.

document file

University Application

Once you have selected the university you want to study in and have all the documents ready, applying for the given university is your next step. Different universities have different ways of getting applications from the students. These study abroad consultants are highly aware of all the different processes. This makes it easy for the students to get their application form filled without any mishaps. There is 100% transparency between the student and the consultants which keeps in helping the student updated at every step of the process.

application form for studying abroad

Application Fee Waivers

Applying for these universities can cost you a lot of money at times. The application fees vary for different universities. What if we tell you that we can get a discount of this amount? Isn’t it exciting! Yes, it definitely is. Study Abroad consultants can get you a reasonable discount on your application fee. Not only do they find the right university for you, but also help you in getting the worth of your money. They are also aware about the universities who provide 100% application fee waivers and inform you about them. This process can cost you thousands of rupees, but these consultants have got you covered. You can save a lot of money by hiring such consultants and also get proper guidance on your path to success.

Financial Assistance

Many students give up on their dream of studying abroad because of the extravagant money needed to do so. But, these consultants can also provide help with finances and make sure your dream turns into a reality. Tie ups with Nationalized Banks & NBFCs all over the country can help you in securing the right kind of education loan for you. These loans can be of great help in pursuing your career without worrying about the financial aspect.

Visa Counseling & Processing

Once you receive the admit, the study abroad consultants will also help you process your VISA application & conduct mock VISA interviews so that you are well prepared. The interview process is the final step towards your path on studying abroad. They will help you with every aspect of the interview and make sure that you are prepared for everything that comes along your way. Tips for the visa interviews provided by them can be of great help in the interview which will secure your student visa for the desired country.

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Studying Abroad can be a life changing experience for any student in the world. It can change the course of your life completely in ways you cannot even imagine. Study abroad consultants can make your journey easier and provide you with the best opportunities possible. Seeking professional help in the study abroad process can give you an edge over the other candidates and make sure you get the best out of everything available.

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