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How to Find Part Time Jobs in the UK for International Students

Part-Time Jobs in the UK: When exploring your study abroad options in the UK, you might look for options to pay for your day-to-day expenses and gain formal work experience in the UK during your stay in the country. It is true that thousands of international students enrolling in British Universities take up part-time jobs to financially sustain their stay in the country.

This article will guide you about the various part time work options, what kind of work you’re permitted to do as per government rules and what you would earn.

Advantages of Taking up a Part-Time Job in the UK as an International Student

  • Part-time jobs will help you pay the costs for essentials that constitute your day-to-day expenses. Living in the UK can be comparatively expensive and part times jobs are the best way for students to ease the financial strain on them
  • Part-time jobs will help you become self-reliant and independent. If you intend to pursue further education and build a career in the UK, this will be your first step towards undertaking responsibility for yourself and learning essential life lessons.
  • These jobs will prepare you for a career in the UK. They will help you familiarise yourself with the work culture in the UK and develop essential work skills that will be useful for your stay in the country.

Part-Time Jobs in the UK for Jobs for International Students: Visa Requirements

The UK government maintains a strict vigil over adherence to visa guidelines and restrictions for international students. So it is important that you familiarise yourself with the various work rules as issued by the UK government.

In order to work full-time in the UK, an individual needs a work visa. However, this is required for international students working part-time in the UK.

If you’re an international student with a general tier 4 student visa, you can work part-time in the UK with the following restrictions

  • You may work for a maximum of 20 hours a week while enrolled in a degree-level program and 10 hours a week if you’re a language center student
  • You can work full-time during vacations with a general tier 4 student visa. However, to work full-time in the UK as a professional, you will need a tier 2 work permit.
  • You’re not allowed to engage in freelance work or self-employment of any kind.
  • If you’re pursuing a part-time course, you’re not allowed to work part-time in the UK.

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Most Popular Well-Paying Part-Time Jobs for International Students in the UK

Part-Time Jobs in the UK

While staying in the UK, you will have the opportunity to undertake a wide variety of part-time work opportunities. While some pay better than others, each one has its own perks. Some would have flexible work hours and some would allow you to work online while others won’t. Here are a few popular options to help you understand what part-time jobs in the UK for International students are really like:


Restaurants and pubs are common all over Britain and securing part-time work at one of these places are relatively easy. You can work in restaurants and Cafes on and off-campus as a server, with pay not less than 9 Euro/hr. You may earn some extra money in the form of tips and practice your communication skills while you are working as a server.


If you know your way around morning drinks and beverages, you might as well apply to be a part-time barista at a cafe. Working in the aromatic environment of a cafe has its own soothing effect. These cafes are popular throughout Britain and especially around university campuses. Securing a job is relatively easy for international students given their flexible work schedules.

Part-time baristas earn anywhere around euro 9-10/hour in the UK.

Sales and Storekeeping

There are plenty of openings at general stores in the UK for people who can work as storekeepers and shelf managers on a part-time basis. Your work would involve assisting shoppers, working on the counter, and re-stock empty shelves. The relatively easy work pays decently and you get a discount as an employee helping you cut down on expenses. You will earn around euro 9.50 to 10/hours working at a store in the UK.

Teaching Assistant

Working as a teaching assistant, you will be required to help create study material. PPTs, proofread and write content to help with lectures and classes. You will get a chance to work with some of the best minds in your field and gain the much-needed experience to build a strong career in the UK in your field of study. These jobs pay around 10 euros/ hour

Research Assistant

You can work as a research assistant in the UK as an international student where your task will be to help leading scholars in your field and partake in groundbreaking innovation. It is very likely that you will be paid a salary instead of an hourly wage. Their pay will be comparatively high with research assistants earning up to 15 euros/ hour


As an international student, working as a translator is one of the best options available to you especially if you are fluent in one or more non-English languages. The demand for speakers of foreign languages who can translate and transcribe documents, videos, lectures, and others is high. You can be employed at an embassy working as a translator as well. These jobs pay well at around 13 euros/hour or more.


Saving one of the best for the last, being private tutoring is one of the best part-time jobs that can easily be secured by international students. You will be required to teach lower-level students, and school students and take classes for students of special needs working as a tutor. These jobs pay well and do not take up a lot of your time. Their pay would approximately be anywhere around 25 euros/hour.

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How to Find a Part-Time Jobs in the UK for International Students

  • Alternatively, you can look for openings in the local newspapers or approach the careers team at your university. You can look for leads with your friends and fellow students who are working a part-time job as well.

Part-time Jobs in the UK

Work-Study Balance

When looking for a part-time job in the UK, it is important that you keep in mind that your work schedule should not clash with your classes. Missing out on your classes will negatively impact your study in the UK and prevent you from utilizing what an education in the UK  has to offer to its full capacity. It is also important that you balance your work hours and get ample rest to ensure that you’re not exhausted and fatigued during your stay in the UK.

FAQs About Part-Time Jobs in the UK for International Students

How much can an international student earn working part-time in the UK?

The hourly wage for part-time jobs can vary depending on the nature of their work and your location. However, you can expect to earn anywhere from 10 to 24 Euros an hour.

Which part-time job is best for international students in the UK?

The best part-time job for you would be the one that goes well with your schedule and has flexible working hours.

Can we work more than 20 hours a week in the UK?

Yes, a tier 4 general student visa allows you to work for more than 20 hours a week only during your vacations. Violation of this rule may bring the risk of deportation, so make sure you adhere to all visa work restrictions while in the UK.


The higher education experience in the UK is somewhat incomplete without working at a part-time job during your stay. These jobs help you better manage your expenses, pay for essentials and gain much-needed exposure to the UK’s work culture and environment.

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