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Why Studying In Australia Is The Best For You!

Kangaroos, Great Barrier Reef, The Lotus Temple and the rich cricketing culture. Which country comes to your mind when you hear about all these things? Yes, it is none other than the country of Australia! Making a humongous impact in the field of tourism, Australia is rising quickly to become one of the best choices for students planning on studying abroad. Studying in Australia can change your life in numerous ways because of their top tier education system as well as the amazing post-study work opportunities. A student is offered everything they require to have a good time for the period they are in this country. The rich heritage and the increasing advancement in the field of technology, makes choosing studying in Australia a no brainier for any student in the world.

Whatever career or stream you choose in this country, your expectations will always be fulfilled. It has become one of the best countries for international students from all over the world. Along with the world class education system offered , the exquisite tourism spots are one of the biggest attractions for the students.

Here are a few reasons why Studying in Australia can be the best for you:

Studying In Australia Comes With An Amazing Quality Of Life

Australia has been recognized for being one of the best countries for international students across the world. The incomparable quality of life is one of the many reasons why studying in Australia can be the best for students. Affordable housing systems, technologically advanced facilities and mind blowing infrastructural works are some of the major attractions. The best cities in Australia are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide are proven to be the best cities for students across the world. These cities have a rich historical heritage and number of places worth seeing. Sports such as Cricket and Football are loved in this country. Watching an international cricket match in one of the many amazing stadiums can be an unforgettable life experience. The Safety of international students is given topmost priority.


Amazing Post-Study Work Opportunities

One of the biggest reasons why students choose studying in Australia as their next option is the availability of great job opportunities right after the completion of your course. Even when you are studying, the work opportunities are good enough to help you pay for your expenses as well as have exposure to great work culture. Indian students with Subclass 500 visa are allowed to work for 20 hours a week. Full time working can be done on the weekends. An appropriate visa gives you the opportunity of working in Australia right after you are done studying. Studying in Australia can increase your career prospects in numerous ways and provides you exposure with great industrial experience.

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Presence Of Ivy League Universities

Being one of the safest countries in the world for students, Australia ranks the #2 position when it comes to studying abroad. The presence of Ivy League Universities just adds to the list of why Studying in Australia can be best for students across the globe. These universities come with one of the best quality of education and practical knowledge which trains the students for the upcoming future. Degrees from one of these universities are recognized globally and given utmost priority. The practical application of the subjects is remarkably taught in these universities.

The Best Universities In Australia Are:

  1. University of Adelaide.
  2. Australian National University.
  3. University of Melbourne.
  4. Monash University.
  5. University of New South Wales.
  6. University of Queensland.
  7. University of Sydney.
  8. University of Western Australia.

Immense Lingual And Cultural Diversity

Due to all of these reasons, Australia has been home to thousands of international students every year. The presence of these many students have given rise to an immaculate amount of cultural and lingual diversity across the country. You can find a majority of Indians, Greeks, Arabs, Italians and Chinese people. This can help in creating a vast network which is one of the biggest reasons why people plan on studying abroad. You will never feel like you are away from your home and definitely have a great time experiencing such different cultures and meeting new people.

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Financial Assistance From The Government

Studying in Australia is made easy by their government itself by providing great scholarships for their international students. A hefty amount of money is spent annually by the Australian Government just for the scholarships of international students. To know more about this and have accurate information, hiring a study abroad consultant can be a wise decision. One of the best things about some scholarship programs is that they can also cover your living expenses along with your tuition fee. Isn’t that Great?

Studying in Australia is one of the best decisions you can make in your life for all the right reasons. This country provides you with everything you need to have a smooth and harmonious studying abroad life.

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