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Study Engineering in the UK for Indian Students

Study Engineering in the UK: Engineers are one of the most significant occupations on the planet since they are in charge of practically everything we use, consume, and participate in on a daily basis. Engineers are frequently found in significant positions in any industry starting from recreational activities to medical care, and mobile communications to sophisticated transportation systems.

Engineers are in high demand, especially in the finance, mechanical, IT, and electronics industries. In comparison to any other profession, Engineers have the lowest unemployment rate. Engineering programs at top UK universities are well-known around the world.

According to an ISB (International Student Barometer) poll, 86 percent of undergraduate students are satisfied with the country’s overall educational system. In this article, you will learn about all the important aspects of studying engineering in the UK for Indian students. 

Why is the UK the Best Place to Pursue Your Master’s in Engineering? 

Indian Students studying Engineering in the UK

Most Indian students look forward to pursuing their Master’s degree in the UK after completing their graduation to uplift their career prospects. The short-term master’s programs offered by engineering colleges in the United Kingdom are well-known.

The curriculum might last anything from nine months to two years. Of course, one of the benefits of studying engineering in the United Kingdom for Indian students is that the country offers a wide range of scholarships that pay a portion or all of an overseas student’s study expenditures.

While tuition fees may be high, there is always the possibility of receiving financial aid through scholarships. Financial help is provided by the UK government and institutions to international students.

Here are the Best Engineering Colleges in the  UK for Indian Students to Pursue a Master’s Degree:-

1. Imperial College London

Imperial College London offers full-time 1 year Master’s courses in Aeronautical Engineering, BioEngineering, Biomedicine Engineering, Robotics, and Neurotechnology. The college is located in the heart of London and gives students a dynamic experience. It is one of the best engineering colleges in London for Indian students and you also get the opportunity to explore the fast-paced city. 

2. University of Cambridge

The wonderful university offers a Master’s degree in Construction engineering and chemical engineering. Being a top-ranked university, alumni of this university have left their remarkable presence in the industry. 

3. University of Oxford 

The University of Oxford provides a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and Research in Engineering Sciences. It is one of the most reputed universities in the world and accomplishing a degree from the university will add sparkling stars to your career. 

4. The University of Southampton

This University holds the most diverse range of postgraduate courses for Engineering. One can opt for a Master’s degree in Acoustical and Vibration Engineering, Advanced Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computational Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Advanced Mechanical Engineering, Maritime Engineering, Optical Fiber, and Photonic Engineering, Software Engineer, Space Systems Engineering and many such disciplines. The professors are highly skilled and impart knowledge in the best possible way. 

Let’s Glance Through the Eligibility Criteria for Enrolling in the UK Universities for Studying Engineering-

  • Students desiring to pursue an undergraduate degree in engineering must score 60% in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics as it is the minimum requirement. In case you fail to score 60% in the core subjects, then you have the option of studying foundation courses.
  • If you have planned to pursue a Master’s degree in engineering in the UK then you must have secured 55% in your undergraduate coursework. Although, a few universities have minimum criteria of 50%
  • Students are also expected to clear the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) along with a sound score in the IELTS exam
  • Articulate SOP and LOR are mandatory to break into any University in the UK. 

While most Universities have a minimum IELTS score requirement, you may explore options to study in the UK without having to appear for a language test. Read more about How to study in the UK without IELTS for Indian students.

Indian Students studying Engineering in the UK

Cost of Studying Engineering in the UK for Indian Students 

Now, you must be wondering what the is fee structure of the Engineering colleges in the UK. Well, it clearly differs from one university to the other and many factors affect the status. Yet, to derive an average cost, Indian students might have to spend anywhere between 15 lakh – 24 lakh per year. 

If you’re based in India, learning more about the tuition fees that you’ll need to pay is a good idea. The cost of studying in the UK can be high for Indian students. However, you can also expect to get a great education for your money. In this article, you’ll discover more about the cost of studying in the UK for Indian students.

Career opportunities After Studying Engineering in the UK

Study Engineering in the UK: It is crystal clear that after studying engineering in the UK, a river of opportunities will find you. There are campus placements that will bring the best jobs for you. In addition, you can also walk into your dream company and crack the job as the UK makes you a competent candidate and fills you with confidence. As per records, UK passports easily fetch £30,300 – £51,200. Top-tier companies usually prefer UK college candidates as they become knowledgeable individuals. 


As Study Engineering in the UK opens all doors of opportunities for engineering students, it also takes perseverance and passion to get admitted into one. As we know, the competition is neck to neck as every bright student dreams of studying in the UK. Hence, start preparing yourself for all the challenges and achieve your dreams! 

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Best of Luck! 

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