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Best Masters Courses in the UK for Indian Students

Best Masters Courses in the UK: Students from India are flocking to the UK in large numbers to pursue higher education. According to the Council of International Students in the UK (CIS), more than 150,000 Indian students have come to the UK to enroll in a higher education program, most of them in the country’s southern cities of London, Birmingham, and Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, and Newcastle. Given the demand for high-quality education in India, there is a large demand for degree programs in the UK.

However, the quality of education varies greatly from one university to another. If you are planning to study masters courses in the UK as an Indian student, you may be wondering which are the best Masters’s programs in the UK for you. In this article, we will list the top best Masters’s courses in the UK for Indian students.

Most Popular Masters Courses to Study in The UK

The international job market has over the years become highly competitive and degrees from UK universities hold a high value among recruiters.

With more and more career-oriented individuals applying for higher education in the UK, some courses are more popular than others for the diverse employment and learning opportunities they provide. Here is a list of the most popular masters to study in the UK.

Here is the List of Popular Courses and the Number of Students Enrolled.

Popular Courses  Number of Students Enrolled
1 Business and Management 120,365
2 Nursing, Health, and Other Subjects Allied to Medicine 67,790
3 Education (including Teacher Training) 64,745
4 Social Sciences 49,765
5 Law 31,390
6 Engineering and Technology 27,260
7 Computer Science 25,245
8 Creative Arts and Design 23,170
9 Psychology 22,645
10 Architecture, Building, and Planning 17,195
11 Languages and Area Studies 13,270
12 Medicine & Dentistry 12,050
13 History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies 11,175
14 Communication and Media Studies 11,000
15 Biological Sciences 9,815
16 Mathematical Sciences 5,880
17 Combined and General Studies 4,965
18 Geography 4,900
19 Physical Sciences 4,660
20 Agriculture 2,715

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Eligibility for Studying for Masters in the UK

  • Bachelor’s degree which is relevant to your master’s.
  • You will be required to appear for various standardized tests to be eligible for admission.

These tests would be of two categories:

  1. Language exams
  2. Standardized Entrance Exams
  • Research Proposal will also be a key criterion in being eligible for a master’s program in the UK
  • Interviews and telephonic assessment.

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Masters courses in the UK

5 Important Exams You Need to Appear for to Study Masters in the UK

Admissions to Masters’s level programs are highly competitive and require you to appear for standardized tests which are common for all master’s applicants.  These exams will differ based on your field of study and the university you are aiming for.

However, here is a list of the most popular exams that are widely accepted in Universities across the UK:

  • Language Exams

In order to secure admission to a UK university, you are required to prove your English proficiency. This is why most universities require a language exam to be eligible for enrolling in a Master’s course. The most popular language exams are:

  • TOEFL – Test Of English as a Foreign Language
  • IELTS – International English Language Testing System
  • PTE – Pearson Test English
  • UCLES – University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate

While these exams are mandatory in most universities, there are opportunities to study in the UK without an IELTS exam. Read our detailed guide on how to study in the UK without IELTS.

  • GRE and GMAT

These exams are important to secure your admission to Management programs in the UK. The GMAT is solely for graduate programs while GRE is required for all levels of management studies including Masters.

  • Cambridge Law and LNAT Exam (National Admissions Test for Law)

These are important exams for admission to law programs in the UK. 

  • Medical Courses

  1. BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT)
  2. Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT)
  3. Health Professions Admission Test (HPAT Ulster)
  4. UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT)
  • Mathematics

  1. Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT)
  2. Sixth Term Examination Paper (STEP)
  3. Test of Mathematics for University Admissions

Read more about these exams on our detailed blog about Exams Required to Study in the UK – A Detailed Guide

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Documents Required to Apply for Master’s in the UK

  • Copies of relevant academic records from previous institutions you have attended
  • This includes your secondary, senior secondary, and bachelor’s education
  • If the records are not in English, translated scans need to be provided to the university.
  • Statement of Purpose, Letter Of recommendation, and other admission essays based on the universities requirements.
  • Some universities will require you to present a student’s resume as well.

Best Universities for Masters in The UK for International Students

The UK has a large number of universities ideal for international students in diverse geographical locations offering a variety of programs. This provides you with a good number of options to choose from and select the master’s program that best suits your profile.

While there are several universities in the UK that provide some of the best master’s programs in the world, here are a few popular studies in UK destinations for International students.

  • Manchester University

  • Glasgow University

  • University of Oxford Brookes

  • Sussex University

  • Warwick University

  • Queen University Belfast

There are several factors that one may consider while selecting a university for higher education in the UK. The tuition fee and other expenses may also be an important factor given that students often have financial restraints and limitations. Read more about Affordable Universities to study in The UK for Indian Students.


Completing your Masters Courses in the UK will be a once in a lifetime opportunity that will open up your career to new heights and will be one of the best experiences of your life with opportunities to gain immense knowledge and experience, study among the brightest minds from around the world in a learning-oriented environment and experience life in Britain.

When applying to a master’s program in the UK, you might feel doubtful about the various aspects of the admission process, which university is the best for your profile, what are the various requirements and other issues.

However, don’t let these doubts come in the way of realizing your dreams. CampusTrail provides free study in the UK counseling to students interested in pursuing master’s in the UK. CampusTrail helps you with every stage of the process from helping you apply to secure financial aid, and scholarships, finding accommodation, and getting in touch with existing Indian students in the UK. Book a free counseling session today.

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