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UK Student Visas for Indians up By 164% in 24 Months

UK Student Visas for Indians up By 164% in 24 Months: Although the world was torn apart due to the Pandemic, Indian students can take a sigh as the year 2021 witnessed 164% growth in the acceptance rate by the UK government of sponsored student visas to Indian students. The year marked 98714 Indian students receiving their UK student Visas.

The year 2019 marked 37,396 granted student visas while the number grew to 52010 in 2020. As it is visible, there has been a notable growth in the consecutive years which indicates the bright future prospects of the Indian students planning to study in the UK. Out of the 416,000 international students who secured their place in the UK universities in 2021, the intake of Indian students was the second-highest number. 

UK student visas for Indians up by 164% in 24 months

Immigration experts have claimed that the renewal of post-study visa that gives graduates the opportunity to live in the UK for 2 years after completing the tenure of their coursework has positively impacted the rise. International students receiving the facility of accessing financial assistance through the study visa is also one of the reasons for the growth rate that has been observed. 

Borris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK has stressed the fact that he encourages young talents traveling to the country to succeed in their prospects during his short visit to India. It is also clear that Britain is looking forward to building sound trade relations with India. It is predicted that Indian students will soon enjoy the benefit of reduced fees. 

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