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Travel and Tourism Courses in the UK

Travel and Tourism Courses in the UK: The travel and tourism industry has gained its importance once again after the world shut down due to the pandemic. It is one of the most rapidly evolving industries which also opens a wide spectrum of career opportunities. So, if you are someone who is passionate about traveling and unsure about how to pursue a career in the same, then you’re at the right place.

In this article, we will be breezing through the best Travel and Tourism courses in the UK as the country holds a sparkling scope of careers in the industry.

Undergraduate Travel and Tourism Courses in the UK

Undergraduate degrees in travel and tourism can be studied independently or in combination with other topics. Travel and tourism courses, for instance, run parallel with hospitality modules or could be combined with enterprise areas like accounting, finance, management, or HR. Language studies such as Spanish, French or Italian are frequently paired with travel and tourism degrees.

Travel and Tourism courses in the UK

The best travel and tourism universities in the UK for undergraduate courses are mentioned here –

1. Ulster University

Course – BSc International Travel and Tourism Management

2. Coventry University

Course – BA Tourism and Hospitality Management.

3. The University of Westminster

1. BA Tourism with Business
2. BA Tourism and Events Management
3. BA Tourism Planning and Management

4. Universities of Derby

Course- BA International Tourism Management.

5. University of Sunderland

Course- 1. BSc Tourism and Aviation Management
2. BSc Tourism Management

Post-Graduate Travel and Tourism Courses in the UK

While a Master’s degree is not usually required to work in the travel and tourism industry, it can be tremendously beneficial. Postgraduate education allows non-travel and tourism students to widen their competence while also allowing travel and tourism graduates to specialize further, regardless of whether their undergraduate degree is in a relevant area. It can also give you an edge in a sector that is becoming intensely popular.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Post-graduate travel and tourism courses in the UK –

1. University of Glasgow

Course –
1. MSc Tourism Development and Culture
2. MSc Tourism, Heritage and Sustainability
3. MSc Management and Sustainable Tourism.

2. University of Bedfordshire

Course –
MSc International Tourism Planning and Management.

3. University of Derby

Course –
MSc International Hospitality Management
MSc Tourism Management.

Now that we have discovered the best range of courses, let’s find out the average
Cost of Studying Travel and Tourism in the UK.

Studying undergraduate courses in Travel and Tourism at Ulster University will cost international students around £15,360. International students need to spend around £15,000 to study undergraduate courses at Coventry University.

To study at the University of Derby, one needs to pay £3000 as a deposit and £14045 for undergraduate courses, and £14700 for postgraduate courses. The undergraduate tourism courses at the University of Westminster costs around £14400 for international students.

The University of Sunderland charges £13000 the international students for undergraduate courses.£18350 is the cost of studying at the University of Glasgow for international students.
The University of Bedfordshire offers Master’s courses at £13275 for international students.

The Universities give students the platform to acquire in-depth knowledge and exposure to this field. Students evolve immensely as individuals and become the aptest candidates in the real world. The Universities mentioned above are top-ranked universities in the domain and have produced bright alumni.

Travel and Tourism courses in the UK

Necessary Requirements for Applying to the Above-Mentioned Universities 

While you need to submit your academic document along with your SOP and LOR, your IELTS and/or TOEFL exam score is extremely crucial in the process. Without any one of the above-mentioned exams, you will not be considered eligible for the admission process.

While most Universities have a minimum IELTS score requirement, you may explore options to study in the UK without having to appear for a language test. Read more about How to study in the UK without IELTS for Indian students.

Career and Scope After Studying Travel and Tourism Courses in the UK

After you accomplish an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from the UK, you become the most eligible candidate to hop on to a job in the industry. You can choose to settle in the UK or any other country, even your home country to start your professional endeavor as your value will stay the same.

You can Start Working in the Following Positions –

Holiday Representative – here, you’re in charge of monitoring groups of customers on resort package vacations. Your top intention is to make sure that your clients have a great time on their vacation and that everything goes as seamlessly as possible.

Tour Manager – All the administrative activities that support extended entertainment-related travels are directed by tour managers. Creating schedules, procuring amenities, and engaging with partners are all important aspects of the job.

Travel Agency Manager – In this position you can choose to manage large or small business chains and select your travel domain. You’re expected to deliver meticulous specifications of the locations and enhance the traveler’s experiences.

Tourism Officer– Here your job would be to create and improve a region’s visitor facilities and to encourage tourism infrastructure to provide financial benefits for that territory or site. They frequently collaborate with local governments, and they may sometimes work for private firms or other government bodies.

This article will talk about the various aspects of the UK work environment and opportunities from an International student’s perspective and will help you determine which are the best options available to you. Job Opportunities For International Students in the UK.


Not only these but there are many other job opportunities that open after you pursue a travel and tourism course in the UK. Hence, take a step ahead towards your passion and start preparing for the admission process and apply to the best Universities in the UK to kickstart your career.

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