You are currently viewing SOP for MBA in Human Resource [Download Free PDF Sample SOP – 2022]

SOP for MBA in Human Resource [Download Free PDF Sample SOP – 2022]

Completing your MBA from your dream University is a once in a lifetime opportunity you cannot miss out on. In order to secure your admission, you need to ensure a strong candidate in order to stand out in the rigorous selection process. This makes it important to emphasize heavily writing an effective SOP for MBA in Human Resources.

SOP for MBA in Human Resources

An MBA in human resources is a degree that can help you become an HR professional. It typically covers topics like leadership, communications, team development and management, compensation, benefits, and hiring. A lot of the focus for this type of degree is on business administration so you’ll study topics related to accounting and finance

Human resource managers are an essential part of any company. They recruit, manage, and develop all the employees who work at a firm. Leading firms around the world value talented individuals who are skilled and qualified adequately for HR positions. If you’re thinking of becoming a human resource professional, you need to understand the different career paths at your disposal before making a decision.

These are some of the most popular career options for MBA graduates in this field: HR Analytics Manager, Talent Management Strategy Consultant, HR Executive Assistant, Workforce Management Specialist, and Corporate Learning Specialist.

MBA in HR Management Abroad: Best Programmes 

Completing your MBA abroad is a unique opportunity that opens up your career to new possibilities in this cosmopolitan world.

Here are the Leading MBA in HR Programmes Around the World:-

  • International Human Resource Management MBA, 

Coventry University (Coventry, UK)

  • MBA in Talent Management

Pace University (New York, USA)

  • International Master of Business Administration (Human Resources)

The University of South Australia, (Adelaide, Australia)

  • Business Administration (Human Resource Management) MBA

University of Bedfordshire (Luton, UK)

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) Human Resource Management

Dublin Business School, (Dublin, Ireland)

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SOP for MBA in Human Resources

Writing an SOP for MBA in Human Resources

It is critical to follow a suitable framework for your Statement of Purpose to ensure effective and convincing writing. Consider sketching down a preliminary outline before you proceed further, in which you order the elements of your SOP for Human Resource Management in accordance with a timeline. Not only will this make your task easier, but it will also help you tackle the word limit while still being descriptive.

For Formatting Paragraphs in an Essay Format, Keep these Considerations in mind:- 

  • You may consider beginning with a relevant quote by any eminent figure which supports or reflects on what will be written about in this statement; this should have a positive influence on readership and set up the tone for the personal statement’s theme 
  • Introduce yourself and state the course applied to briefly (1st paragraph)
  • Next, talk about your inspirations in life, what were your inspirations behind choosing business administration as the subject of higher education. You can mention any incidents, stories, or a person in your life who motivated you to go in this field. 
  • The next paragraph should be about your academic experience. You can mention the projects you have worked on as part of teams and the leadership positions you held during your bachelor’s. It’s also important to include your extra-curricular activities. Mention any national or international recognition received from these activities too!
  • The next paragraph will cover professional experiences and exposure. keep in mind that universities look for candidates who are experienced enough with adequate exposure to their chosen field and would excel at the In-Depth study of it when applying for an MBA program.
  • Your goals and aspirations in life should be the theme of your next paragraph. What would be your plan moving forward after completing this program? What can you give back to the community and university as a student in their program?

 Answers to these questions help the board assess your career inclinations.

  •  Include a concluding paragraph where you state why this is a step in the right direction towards your higher education – that your previous education provides a solid foundation for taking on these new challenges.

MBA in Human Resources

5 Tips For Writing an SOP For MBA in Human Resource

1. Highlight your Best Traits

When applying to a course, it is important that you highlight the best qualities and traits relevant to it. This will make you more likely to be selected for the program! Mention any positions of responsibility or leadership, recognitions received and teams worked in.

2. Ensure Your Paragraphs are Informative

Do not include irrelevant and random pieces of information which are not related to your MBA in Human Resources. Your SOP for MBA in hr should be concise and provide relevant information that supports your candidature for MBA in HR.

3. Format is Important

It is necessary that you use a professionally prescribed format for your SOP for master’s in human resource management. Your fonts should neither be too large or too small and a proper alignment should be followed. In case the format has been provided by the college or university, strictly adhere to that.

Ideally, your SOP should be in the following format

Font- Times New Roman

Size- 12

Paragraph Align- Justify

4. Check Your Grammar

A SOP with poor grammar and errors will leave a bad impression on the selection board and negatively impact your prospects of being selected to your dream college.

Make sure you use simple and easy vocabulary and sentence structure. Run your work through grammar tools and ensure that you manually proofread vigorously.

5. Unique is the Key

 Do not use cliche terms and phrases for your SOP for MBA HR. Using general templates will also harm the uniqueness of your work. Use your creative thinking so that you stand out amongst all the applicants and secure an admission.

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Sample SOP for Human Resource Management

Ever since I was a school student, I used to dream of having my own company. The thought of running a business used to excite me a lot. As my intellect matured, I realised that there are so many facets in the business world. In course of my graduation, I got to delve deeper into various aspects of this particular field and it made me more vehement to secure a career in the same. It was during my internship that I found my calling in the human resources domain. The brief professional insight that I received from that experience motivated me to embrace a relevant profession. I believe that I have good management qualities, leadership and people skills to lead a team as a whole or even an organisation, someday. In today’s world, it is extremely important to stay abreast of the evolving industry trends and keep upgrading one’s skillset. I am keen to expand my knowledge and understanding regarding business management and human resources management, so as to establish a strong footing in my career. By pursuing the MBA in HR program from ABC University in Canada, I would be able to achieve my ambition, while honing advanced skills and a global perceptive about the field.

For me, my parents have been the main sources of my inspiration. In order to give me and my younger brother good education and living, they strived hard continually. They always encouraged us to follow our aspirations and chase our career dreams with a focused approach. I desire to give back to my parents for all that they have done, establishing myself as a successful professional and making them proud. All these years, this thought drove me to excel in whatever I do. I have been consistent in being a proficient student throughout my school and college and obtain good grades. I completed SSC and HSC from Christ School, aggregating 87% and 88.5%, respectively. My love for the business field led me to take up B.Com. from Patel College of Commerce and Economics. I showed utmost sincerity and enthusiasm towards my academic duties, by deriving maximum knowledge about the main subjects.

I actively took part in several co-curricular activities to leverage my overall personality. By participating in various cultural fests and dance competitions in college, I got to develop my interpersonal and communication skills. Occasional wins boosted my confidence level, and I channelized my efforts in strengthening my practical skills. I had also got the opportunity to don the role of an organiser and volunteer for several academic and cultural events, which enabled me to utilise my management abilities. As a part of our curriculum, I went on to do my internship at Horizons Pvt. Ltd. where I got to work as an HR trainee for 3-months. During my tenure here, I received hands-on knowledge in several aspects of human resources management. I have been eager to familiarise myself with various responsibilities handled by an HR and acquire relevant skills pertaining to recruitment drives, corporate induction, screening applications of job aspirants, managing payrolls and employee records and so on.

I had a very enriching experience through my internship. It instigated me to gather more knowhow about HR field. Rather than taking the professional plunge, I chose to go for higher studies after completing my graduation. I thought it would be ideal if I can have a sound erudition about my field of interest, human resources management. I started looking for a course that will help me regain a better acumen about my chosen arena as well as business administration. My online research led me outside my Indian shores. Eventually, I came across the MBA program in HR, offered at ABC University in Canada. This advanced program, I believe, would be apt for my academic requirement. Having a global learning exposure will leverage my profile significantly when I tap my opportunities in India. It will be beneficial for me, as it will make me more independent. Therefore, I am seeking quality education, coming out of my comfort zone.

Although, initially I had considered UK and US, I chose to go with Canada for many reasons. Canada is hailed as a safe and the most secured educational destination by many. Many top-ranking global universities are located here. I would have a holistic learning experience by mingling with like-minded people, coming from diverse cultures and different countries. On the other hand, the education fees and living expense in Canada seem to be relatively more affordable than other countries. However, the quality of education in Canada is top-notch, the same asin the US and the UK. The MBA in HR program at ABC University falls in line with my subject interests and covers important core topics that I am keen to learn in-depth about. I was quite impressed to read several positive reviews about the university, which hailed its academic excellence and advanced teaching methods. The university also has well-qualified professors and for extending strong career guidance to students.

On completing the course, I will come down to India and look for job opportunities here. There are is a good demand for HR professionals who are backed with an international MBA degree. Thus, I believe that the proposed program will be beneficial for me in attracting rewarding employment opportunities in reputed firms. I am sure that the program will effectively prepare me to take up a challenging role in the HR field, complementing my long-term career aspirations.

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FAQs about SOP Writing

Can my SOP include technical words?

Your SOP should not include technical terms and words. This part of your application is often read by the administrative and non senior members of the faculty, so using technical terms will negatively impact your work.

How much weightage does my SOP carry in my selection?

Your SOP can be the element that fills the gap between your selection and rejection to your dream university. While having a good academic record is an important criteria for selection, your orientations and inclinations beyond your mark sheets are just as important for the selection board.

Whom can I consult before writing my SOP?

You may consider consulting domain experts with extensive experience in your field before writing your SOP. This is important to gain insights on the demands of the field and criteria for selections to leading universities.

What resources can I refer to while writing my SOP?

There are an adequate number of blogs and websites available on the web with sample SOPs, guides and tips for SOP writing.

The CampusTrail blog is a resource collection compiled by domain experts and professional authors who have produced over 5000 SOPs  for applicants across 27 countries.

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Your SOP for MBA in Human Resource Management is an essential element of your college application that can be the bridge between your selection or rejection to your dream college. This makes it needless to say that dedicating your time and efforts towards writing a flawless Statement of Purpose.

While you can use various samples, guides and other resources for reference while writing your SOP, at times adhering to all the guidelines may be overwhelming and leave you in doubt about various elements of your SOP. 

While it is always better to write one’s own SOP, one may seek SOP assistance in case they’re doubtful about the various aspects of the procedure of writing a SOP.

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