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Top 5 Universities in the UK to Study Medicine

Universities in the UK to Study Medicine: Thousands of Indian students enroll in medical schools in the UK to pursue their higher education in the field of medicine. Medicine has become one of the most popular subjects among international students in the UK owing to the fact that the UK is home to some of the best medical schools in the world.

This article will talk about the top universities in the UK to study medicine, what are the various eligibility criteria and requirements for enrolling into a British University and attaining world-class education.

Studying Medicine in the UK

The UK’s medical school system is somewhat different than that of India and other parts of the world. Your undergraduate education in medicine will be followed by a two-year foundation program and additional specialty training. 

  • In the UK, MB is the bachelor’s level qualification equivalent to an MD in the US. 
  • The BS, ChB, and Bch degrees are awarded MB after clearing the surgical part of the examination.
  • After clearing the Obstetrics section of the exam, you are awarded a BAO, which stands for Bachelor of Obstetrics.
  • An MD qualification may be awarded at certain universities where students will be expected to submit a thesis paper after completing their MB.

The applications to medical schools in the UK are made through the UCAS service. Read more about how to apply to a British University for Indian Students.

Universities in the UK to Study Medicine

Top 5 Universities in the UK to Study Medicine for Indian Students

1. University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh Medical School is a leading medical institution in the UK which was established in 1726 making it one of the oldest medical schools in the UK. It was ranked 1st in the Guardian University guide 2021 and has attained a reputation as one of the best medical schools in the country.

The university offers various degrees in Medical Sciences (BSc), Medicine (6-year course), and (MBChB) including an intercalated Medical Sciences degree (BMedSci).

2. University of Manchester

The School of Medical Sciences at the University of Manchester is regarded as one of the best medical schools in the UK and is the largest medical school in the UK with around 6,000 undergraduates and 3000 postgraduate students as of 2017. It is also the third-oldest medical school in the UK.

The subjects offered include Audiology, Biosciences, Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, and more. 

3. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow School of medicine, dentistry, and nursing is a leading medical school located in Glasgow, Scotland. This is one of the oldest Medical schools in the UK established in 1751 and was ranked 2nd in times good University guide 2018.

The school follows lecture-based learning, problem-based learning, and Glasgow’s case-based learning. The university provides an MBChB program the curriculum for which is based on the integration of clinical and preclinical subjects, and on student-centered learning.

4. University of Dundee

The University of Dundee School of Medicine is a constituent institute of the University of Dundee, a public research university located in Dundee, UK. The university is also home to the famous Tayside medical history museum.

The school provides various levels of medicine qualifications including Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and specialist programs. The university also has four research divisions.

5. University of Swansea

Swansea University Medical School is a leading medical institute in the UK and is a constituent school of the University of Swansea. The institution is among the fastest-growing medical schools in the UK and has been ranked 3rd in the UK by Complete University Guide.

A four-year graduate entry medicine degree (MB BCh) alongside BSc degrees in Applied Medical Sciences, Genetics, and Biochemistry are offered at the school. Higher degree programs like Ph.D., MD, MCh, and master’s degrees are also taught at this institute.

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Requirements to Study Medicine at a Top UK University

The top medical schools in the UK have a competitive admission process. Here are some requirements you will determine your fate when applying to a top UK University for pursuing medicine.

  • GCSE scores, equivalent to secondary and Sr. Secondary in India, will be an important factor in the selection process. Most universities will set a minimum score requirement in various core science subjects to be eligible to enroll.
  • UCAT, BMAT, and other entrance exams for studying medicine will be mandatory for students seeking admission to medical courses. 
  • Level requirements: AAA would be required for chemistry and one other core science subject, such as maths, physics, biology, or psychology. While three A levels (80%) are required to secure your admission, the competitive selection process may require you to earn up to 4 A levels to get into a top UK University.
  • An IELTS score of 7.0-7.5 will be required for entering a medical school. This may vary depending on which college you’re applying to.

While most universities require you to appear for a language exam like the IELTS, you may study in the UK without an IELTS exam. Read more about How to study in the UK without IELTS.

Universities in the UK to Study Medicine

Exams to Study at Top Medical Colleges in the UK

In addition to meeting the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, you will also need to appear for certain standardized entrance exams to be eligible to study medicine in the UK.


The University Clinical Aptitude Test is a standardized entrance exam accepted by a consortium of medical schools in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. The test is designed to test aptitude and attitude as your domain knowledge and skills are assessed through your A levels. The test is taken at the nearest Pearson Vue Centre through an online interface.

The exam will consist of the following tests:

  1. Verbal Reasoning 
  2. Decision Making
  3. Quantitative Reasoning 
  4. Abstract Reasoning 
  5. Situational Judgement 


The BioMedical Admissions Test is an aptitude-based test used by various UK universities for admissions to courses in Medicine, Dentistry, and BioSciences. This is a 2-hour pen and paper test that will comprise sections on problem-solving skills, writing skills, and domain knowledge of basic sciences up to the secondary level of education in India.

The test has the following sections:

  • Section 1: Thinking Skills
  • Section 2: Scientific Knowledge and Applications
  • Section 3: Writing Task


Studying medicine in the UK will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will allow you to build a strong career in the field and learn from some of the best minds in the field of medical research and practice. While studying in the UK may seem to be a complicated task to undertake, with proper guidance and a strong will, there is nothing that can keep you from pursuing the best higher education in medicine from a top British University.

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