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Study in the UK After 10th for Indian Students

Study in the UK after 10th: The UK has historically been home to some of the world’s best universities and has a reputation for having developed one of the best education systems in the world. 

Thousands of international students reach the UK each year to enroll in its top universities for various programs. While most Indian students begin exploring their study in the UK options after completing 12th or for pursuing their masters or Ph.D., there is a general lack of awareness about the options to pursue your education in the UK right after completing 10th.

This article will guide you in exploring the various study in UK options after the 10th, its requirements, costs, scholarships available, and more.

Study in the UK After the 10th: What You Need to Know:

The UK’s top universities are popular destinations for international students. Since thousands of students from all corners of the world reach the UK every year for higher education, they are faced with the challenge of adapting to the UK’s education system and culture.

To help students adapt themselves to the UK’s education system and assimilate them into the student community from an earlier stage, universities have come up with innovative foundation programs that prepare international students to pursue their undergraduate level education in the UK after completing their secondary education from their native country.

Study in the UK after 10th for Indian students

Advantages of Studying in the UK After 10th

Pathway programs offered at leading UK universities are specifically designed to facilitate the transition to the British education system for international students and help you prepare for your undergraduate studies in your desired field. Such programs will help you in the following ways:

  • Studying in the UK after the 10th will help you familiarise yourself with the UK’s education system.
  • You will be studying at your university from an earlier stage which will be beneficial for your higher education.
  • The pathway program you attend will be specifically designed to prepare you for your UG course and will help you gain better knowledge of your field.
  • You’ll improve your English proficiency and will be better prepared to for studying your bachelors in the UK.

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Top 5 Universities in the UK for Indian Students After 10th

Here is a list of the top universities in the UK that have pathway programs for students who have studied up to their secondary or senior secondary education in non-British curriculums and seek to pursue higher education in the UK:

1. Coventry University

This is a leading university located in Coventry, the UK with a campus in London. The university was included in the list of top 30 universities in the world for international students. 

Coventry University has high-quality foundation year one as well as pre-masters programs for international students who seek to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the university.

2. University of Swansea

Swansea University is a public research university in Wales, UK. It is the third-largest university in the UK in terms of students enrolled. The University has appeared among the top 300 institutions of higher education in the world by Times higher education rankings.

The university provides pathway programs for both, undergraduate and postgraduate aspirants who have completed their secondary education in non-British curriculums.

Student life and culture in the UK can be significantly different in the UK. Read about Student Life and Accommodation in the UK.

3. University of Sussex

The University of Sussex is a public research university located in Sussex, UK which is regarded as one of the top universities in the UK. It has ranked among the top 200 global universities by times higher education rankings and was ranked number 1 for three consecutive years for developmental studies while featuring in the top 100 for Anthropology, Sociology, Politics and International Studies, History, Geography, English Language, and Literature and Communication and Media Studies.

The University has its pathway programs that are aimed at helping students prepare for their undergraduate education in the university after they’ve completed their secondary education.

4. University of Leeds

The University of Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK is a public research university that has ranked among the top 100 universities in the world in QS global rankings and has been regarded as a prestigious institution that has produced several notable alumni.

The university provides bachelor’s degrees with an international foundation year to its students coming from countries outside the UK 

5. University of Surrey

The University of Surrey is a top UK university located in Guildford, Surrey in the South East of England. The university has a reputation for providing high-quality and research-oriented education to its students and fostering a strong community of international students over the years.

At their international study center, the university provides pathway programs for students seeking admission to Undergraduate courses in the future.

Each program is designed to introduce you to the UK style of teaching and improve your academic knowledge and English language levels.

Study in the UK after 10th for Indian students

Requirements to Study in the UK After 10th

As an international student seeking admission in a program offered by a UK university for students who have completed their secondary education, you will be required to meet the various requirements to be eligible for enrolling in a University and securing a visa.

  • English Proficiency

Like any other international student in the UK, you will be required to appear for a language proficiency exam like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE approved by your university. For IELTS securing a minimum of 5.5 band score will be important to secure your admission. Some universities may ask for a higher score as well.

  • Academic Qualifications

You are required to provide proof of completion of your secondary education from a central board like CBSE/ICSE or your state board. You should have a minimum of 65% marks to be eligible for admission to a pathway program in the UK.

The application process for applying to a UK University for a pathway program is similar to that for undergraduate programs and is done through the UCAS service. Read more about how to apply to a British University,

Visa Requirements for Studying in the UK After 10th

When applying to a UK University after the 10th, you would be required to obtain a tier 4 child student visa if you’re below 18 years of age. Additionally, you’re also required to prove your language proficiency by appearing for IELTS. You may be exempted from appearing for IELTS if:

  • You’re coming to the UK to study the English language for a period of fewer than 11 months.
  • You’re under 18 years of age and coming to the UK under a tier 4 child student visa.
  • You’ve studied for at least 6 months in the UK in the past two years.

And that’s where we come in. Here’s everything you need to know about applying to a university and getting a student visa.


Studying in the UK is a unique opportunity that comes with its own challenges and rewards. The best way to prepare yourself to take up this challenge is by integrating yourself with university life and the British style of teaching from an earlier stage and pathway programs are designed specifically for this purpose.

Due to the general lack of awareness, students hesitate from exploring studying in the UK options after the 10th. However, with changing trends in higher education and increased accessibility of information, a number of Indian students are reaching the UK after the 10th and 11th to pursue pathway programs. 

If you feel doubtful about any element in the process and seek expert advice, you may reach out to CampusTrail’s team of professional study in UK counselors.

With our study in UK counseling services, we assist you in applying to the best pathway programs, finding accommodation, securing scholarships, and financial aid, and connecting you to existing Indian students in the UK. Book a free one-to-one counseling session today!

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