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Requirements to Study In UK For Indian Students: A Complete Guide [2022]

The United Kingdom is one of the largest sources of international students in the world. It is an attractive destination for Indian students looking for quality education and a high standard of living. So, if you are interested in studying in the UK, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you with requirements to study in UK for Indian students.

Check out these helpful tips to start your journey: – What are the entry requirements? – How can I get accommodation? – How will I finance my study? – How do I apply for a visa?

The UK Education System

UK universities offer various undergraduate degrees and postgraduate courses. Indian students are usually awarded with a bachelor’s degree, which is equivalent to an Indian post-graduation degree.

The bachelor’s degree programme usually takes three years to complete and students can apply for a master’s programme after completion. Master’s programmes take one-to-three years depending on the course. UK colleges offer vocational courses such as law, business, engineering and public health, among others.

The entry requirements differ across schools so it is important to research institutes before applying. You need to be familiar with the course you want to apply for and have a high school diploma or its equivalent from either India or your country of residence.

Some schools may require you to take aptitude tests or language proficiency tests in English or Welsh. For some vocational courses, there may be no entry requirements at all apart from being aged over 18 years old.

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Requirements to Study in UK for Indian Students After 12th

Requirements to study in UK for Indian students is to be eligible for admission to a British university, you will have to fulfill the requirements of the institution. Generally, this includes having an appropriate high school qualifications and a good TOEFL or IELTS score.

Additionally, you will also need to appear for relevant standard entrance tests. Read more about exams you need to give for studying abroad.  

You will Also Need Proof of Your Qualifications in One of the Following Ways:

  • A copy of your undergraduate transcript and degree certificate incase of admission to post-graduate studies.
  • A copy of your last four years’ worth of GCSE grades – This can include AS levels or BTEC certificates
  • A copy of your high school diploma from Pakistan, India or Sri Lanka (in these cases, you might need to go through an equivalency process)

Requirements to Study In UK For Indian Students

Study in UK for Indian Students : Top Universities

An increasing number of students are marking their presence in leading universities of the UK.

Here are the 10 Most Reputed Universities in the UK Which are Popular Among Indian Students

  • City University London
  • Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (Scotland) 
  • Middlesex University, 


  • Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh.
  • Swansea University,


  • University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton (Central England)
  • Buckinghamshire New University, High Wycombe, Uxbridge and Aylesbury Campuses
  • Keele University, 


  • Staffordshire University, 


  • University of Chester, Chester, Northwest England

The cost of education in the United Kingdom is a major deterrent for many prospective students who want to pursue higher education there. While the cost of living has increased gradually in recent years, the cost of education has remained constant, making it even harder for students to get a good education.Here is a detailed guide to affordable universities for Indian students in the UK.

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Getting Accommodation in the UK

Finding accommodation can be tough, but our guide to student accommodation in the UK is here to help.

If you are staying for more than six months, student accommodation is usually your best bet. This type of housing offers many benefits and there are plenty of options available. These properties offer more privacy and independence for students who want the freedom to make their home.

They also often have kitchens with basic appliances, which allow you to cook your own meals and prepare them at any time of day or night. Plus, many have a 24-hour reception service that provides added security.

The downside to these properties is that they can be pricey and they come with a requirement to live with other people (although you’re allowed to change roommates every six months). 

If you don’t plan on staying in the UK any longer than one or two years, renting an apartment might be a better option for you. Renting an apartment allows you to do what you want without being bound by a contract.

You can rent a property that has all the features you require without having to live with other people or sacrificing your personal space. There are also lots of places that offer furnished apartments; this will save time searching for furniture as well as money on moving fees!

Scholarships to Study in UK for Indian Students After 12th

If you are applying to a university and need financial aid, there is a range of scholarships available. Higher education institutions are obliged by law to provide information about the opportunities for funding that are available.

UK universities and colleges offer a wide range of scholarships to Indian students. There are various types of scholarships including those for high achieving students, those with special talent and those for specific subjects. While it may take some time for you to find one that is suitable for your needs, the process will be easier if you start early.

Each institution provides different amounts of money to students, but there are some common things you should know about bursaries in the UK. A student who has received an unconditional offer from a university can apply for an Advanced Learner Loan (AL) to help finance their studies.

These loans can be up to £9,250 per year and last for up to four years. This will cover tuition fees, which are usually between £3,000-£9,000 per year, and living costs whilst studying. There may also be opportunities for community or government grants as well as scholarships.

Apart from scholarships and loans from the UK government, the government of India provides various scholarships to Indian students for their studies overseas.

We will also provide an overview of the available Scholarships for Indian Students in the UK funding, the eligibility requirements, how to apply, and the funding amount that will help you realize your dream of studying in the UK.

Requirements to Study In UK For Indian Students

Best Courses in the UK After 12th : Choosing the Right Course for Indian Students 

Choosing the right course at the right university or college can be difficult. You should make sure that it will be a good fit for your goals and interests.

Whether you want to study law, medicine, business, or arts, there are places where you can find a course that is perfect for you. However, it is always best to do some research before choosing a university or college.There are many ways to research colleges and universities before making a decision.

  • One of the most popular methods is to visit their websites and look for information about their courses offered. Another option is to attend open days on different campuses and meet with staff members and students. You can also contact universities or colleges directly by phone or email to ask them questions about the courses they offer.
  • When deciding between universities or colleges, first consider what type of education you want: university versus college education. Each one has its own benefits and disadvantages – while universities typically have better facilities, some people prefer the smaller-class sizes at colleges; while colleges may offer more career-focused courses than universities; while universities may offer more support services than colleges
  • Lastly, when considering your decision you should think about how long the course takes (e.g., 3 years or 5 years), how much it costs (e.g., £4K per year), what kind of degree it will lead to (e.g., bachelor’s degree) and whether it’s full-time or part-time.

How to Apply for a UK Visa

Requirements to study in UK for Indian students generally, visas are also required for people who want to visit the UK for less than six months. However, there are exceptions and depend on the following factors: your nationality, your current passport and its country of residence, and your intended length of stay in the UK.

  • If you’re not sure whether or not you need a visa, contact the embassy or high commission of the country or territory where you live.
  • For example, if you live in India and wish to apply for a student visa, contact the nearest British embassy located in India.


We hope this guide has helped you understand the process of studying in the UK. It’s a big step and it’s important to make an informed decision before you take the plunge. Even if you’ve never visited or lived in the UK, it’s always useful to learn about a culture before you move there.

We hope this guide has helped you understand the process of studying in the UK. It’s a big step and it’s important to make an informed decision before you take the plunge. Even if you’ve never visited or lived in the UK, it’s always useful to learn about a culture before you move there.

Extensive research and consultation with experts and experienced individuals is an important part of the process of realizing your dream of studying in the UK. Speak to our study abroad counselors today and find out more about the best universities and colleges for you, scholarships and loans available and application processes. Book your counseling session today!

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