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How to Write LOR For Masters [Free Sample LOR-2022]

If you have made your choice and taken a firm decision to enroll for a master’s degree from a foreign university or college you must be fanning the internet and your reliable sources to get every detail required to complete your documentation for the application.The university of your dreams seeks to test your academic capabilities and also understand your commitment towards the future you are seeking. A LOR For Masters is a very crucially important document which underlines and enforces your candidature.

Importance Of Letter of Recommendation 

Often students have been able to grab a seat in a prestigious university despite a weaker GPA only because of a strong and convincing LOR For Masters written for the candidate. A powerful  letter of recommendation can not only help the student get the desired seat but also assist in getting the much needed scholarship too. Here it is also important to understand that the selection committee of the university intends to know more about you as a person from a third person perspective and understand your priorities, attitude and character traits to gauge your suitability for the course. An LOR For Masters is that document which gives them a chance to understand your skill sets better. 

LOR for Masters

Difference Between SOP, Letter of Reference and Reference Letters

An SOP is a Statement of Purpose written by the candidate in support of his candidature. While an SOP is a detailed narration by the candidate himself stating his academic background and may also contain his achievements at work. An SOP is a first party narrative which highlights the candidate’s merits and association with the specific academic and skill area stressing upon his or her pressing and requirement to pursue the course. 

A Letter of Reference or LOR on the other hand is a document which is written either by the professor or teacher of the student or an associate, colleague, ex-colleague or senior of the candidate at his workplace. An LOR For Masters therefore is considered very valuable and important as it is an endorsement of your capability and skill set by a third party who has associated with you and experienced your performance over a considerable amount of time. An LOR is sent directly by the referee to the university or college and is considered for academic purpose only. Thus, an LOR is usually addressed directly to the university selection committee and talks about the specific candidate and his expertise. LOR For Masters is written specific to a particular course and a particular university.

A Reference Letter on the other hand is a generic letter addressed to “Whomsoever it may concern” and can be used later on for multiple purposes. Reference letter is alo a third party endorsement of the candidate but is not as specific with the details of skill sets as an LOR. A Reference Letter is sent by the referee to the candidate directly and he can use it in accordance to his requirement while an LOR is sent directly to the University and the candidate may not get to know its content.

Guidelines to Create an Impactful LOR for a Master’s Degree

1.Be Cautious and Think Well Before Choosing Your Recommender

 As the LOR is a document that will go to the university directly it is very critical for the content to be very impactful and talk high and positive about your academic orientation and possession of desired skill-set. You don’t actually get to sort of screen or proof-read in case you select the wrong person and the content designed is not much in your favor.  You can keep the following in mind while selecting your recommender

  • He could be a professor or teacher with whom you have great chemistry and have spent a substantial time working on interesting projects
  • He can be a professor of the subject in which you have always scored brilliantly and the same has been in his notice.
  • He can be your employer, colleague or senior atwork with whom you have delivered exceptional results, performance and targets
  •  Be cautious about misjudging a person and selecting someone with whom you have had opinion differences or conflicts in the past as it may cost you heavily to take the risk.

2.Emphasize on Relevant Information

Your LOR should reflect your orientation towards In-Depth study of the subject and research work. to make sure only to include the information which is relevant and convincing. Mentioning every minute detail and achievement is not necessary. A well written LOR is always concise and to the point.  

 3.Mention Stories or Incidents that Reflect Your learning Abilities

 You can use a story, incident or any anecdotes that highlight your inclination towards problem solving, experiential learning and grasp over concepts. Using such elements will enhance your SOP and make it even more effective and convincing

4.Familiarize Yourself with the CAR Framework

 The Challenge, action and Result framework will help you create convincing anecdotes. This emphasizes on your problem solving abilities and your aptitude towards encountering challenges and coming up with vable solutions.  This will also help in adding more uniqueness and a personal touch to the LOR.

5.Use Impactful language

 It is important that good grammar is used in the LOR. Sentences should be structured in simple formats, vocabulary should be comprehensible and attractive. Using flowery language and technical words negatively impacts the LOR.  One must avoid cliche words and phrases and general template sources from the web. Specific words and adjectives are to be used to describe the student’s qualities and shortcomings.

6.Structure is Important

A good LOR will reflect chronological structuring of the document. The recommender should not go to and fro or lay too much emphasis on any one theme while not addressing others. Random pieces of irrelevant information thrown in at places will negatively impact the LOR.  The LOR should exhibit that the recommender knows the student well and has a firm understanding of his aptitudes and learning skills.

LOR for Masters

4 Important Points to Keep in Mind

1. Your LOR should be synchronous with your application and Statement of Purpose. Make sure not to use contradictory information in different sections of your SOP.

2. Make sure you familiarize yourself with your recommender and provide them with all relevant information you can which would help them write a convincing LOR

3.While applying to any university, you will require multiple LORs. Make sure that the LORs you provide are unique and do not revolve around overtly similar themes

4.Make sure your LOR is neither too short nor too long.

 Sample LOR for Masters




To whom it may concern,

It brings me immense delight to recommend Ms Kajol Anand to pursue a Master’s degree in Business Analytics from XXX. As an Assistant Professor at XXX, I have known her throughout the four years of her Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Instrumentation and Control. Hence, I can attest to her capabilities. 

Kajol exhibits a great passion for learning, researching and analyzing, as evident in her academic undertakings. While teaching her Engineering Mathematics, Basic Instrumentation, and Biomedical Instrumentation, I found her ardor to gain knowledge to be entirely refreshing. Her presence in the classroom would often enrich the scholastic environment; she displayed a keen interest in discussions and participated in everyday activities. An attentive and punctual student, Kajol’s approach to complex course material was patient and determined. She explored her innovative and creative thinking abilities and grasped the subjects under her undergraduate degree. 

As her mentor, supervisor and guide for multiple projects, I have observed Kajol’s demeanor under challenging situations. Not only does she rise against the complexities through perseverance and hard work, but she also pays attention to forming cordial relationships with her teammates. Her ideas and suggestions offer a great addition to the overall work ethic, and her readiness to learn new technologies, such as LaTex, and anchor their execution further accelerates the project. For example, during a third-year seminar on ‘Smartphone Operating Door Lock using Bluetooth Technology’, Kajol worked on transmitting and receiving data using Bluetooth, developed the algorithm and learned to configure Bluetooth using open-source software. For her final project, she worked on designing and enhancing defibrillator paddles and visited hospitals to understand and study the paddles used during cardiac arrests in detail. 

I believe Kajol’s true calling lies in the pursuit of her intended Master’s. Her personal and professional potential can be best utilized and furthered under the programme. Supported by her scholastic capabilities and leadership and teamwork skills, she can prove an asset to the institution. 

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To conclude,let me remind you that it is more important for others to talk good about you than you telling others about what you have good in you. This universal ideology reminds us to be very thoughtful and cautious in ensuring that the LOR accompanying our document shines out and gives your application the desired lift. 

As a Quick Round Up Thus I wish to Remind You of the Golden Rules –

  •  Wisdom is not taught but acquired through experience so be wise in selecting your recommender.
  •   Life doesn’t give second chances very often so be cautious in taking the right decisions.
  • Look for more information on traits sought for the course and look for endorsements related to the field you plan to do your masters in.
  •    Be rational with your selection of person, examples, language and content and delivery. Short is always sweet for LOR. So avoid exaggerating and instead strong words of appreciation to nail the point are better than elaborate floral terminology.

Preparing convincing and effective LORs for your college application can be an arduous task to tackle, especially for students who are unfamiliar with LOR writing. You should consider consulting an expert of your domain for guidance with your LORs. Find out more about LOR assistance services here.

Wishing you success in your journey ahead and the quest thus must go on.

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