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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for an MBA Program [2022]

You’ve decided to apply for an MBA program and the first thing you need to do is write a stellar letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendation can be the key factor in determining whether or not you’ll be accepted into the program so it’s important to make sure it’s perfect. However, individuals may have several questions about different aspects of their LOR. What should you include? How formal should it be? Here are some tips and tricks on how to write an effective letter of recommendation for your MBA.

Why do You Need a Letter of Recommendation?

The letter of recommendation will provide insight into your capabilities, strengths, and experience which can be helpful to the admissions committee. These are essential elements in any MBA application, where the colleges and universities have a selection criteria which runs heavy on field experience and practical knowledge of various market and business mechanisms. The best way to get this letter is from someone who knows you well, has supervised you, or had to work with you on a project.

Who Should Write the Letter of Recommendation?

The letter of recommendation should come from someone who knows you well, has known you in your professional capacity, and can speak to the qualities that make you a good candidate for the program. This could be your manager or even an old professor. However, use caution while choosing your recommender, given that there won’t be any room for changes from your side in case the recommender gives an unfavourable letter. 


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What Should the Letter Say?

The letter of recommendation should be formal and personalized. It should be written from the perspective of someone who knows you well, whether that’s from a colleague, professor or boss. The letter of recommendation should include specific information about your academic performance, leadership skills and employment history.

Tips for Writing a Good letter of Recommendation 

When writing a letter of recommendation for an MBA program, it’s important to include information about the person you’re recommending. This includes their strengths (i.e., leadership skills) and weaknesses (i.e., work ethic). Your letter should also include details about how they could be successful in the MBA program.

 Here are Some General Tips that Recommenders Should Consider:-

  • Learn About the Applicant

Before you can create an effective letter of recommendation, you need to fully understand the applicant. This means learning about their personality, work ethic, and experience. Pay attention to their resume and any other clues that might be in the application. From here, you’ll be able to identify what speaks to them as an individual and what sets them apart from others in the program.

  • Identify their Accomplishments

The first thing to think about when writing your letter is what qualifies your candidate as a competitive applicant. What makes them stand out? Think about their achievements, what they’ve done and how it’s made a difference. This can be in the form of professional accomplishments or the impact they’ve had on the company. For example, if someone managed to double sales in a specific time period, that would be an accomplishment that would make them more competitive for admission.

  • Provide Specific Examples of the Applicant’s Success

One of the most effective ways to write a good letter of recommendation is to provide specific examples of your candidate’s success. These may be in the form of case studies, reports, resumes, or other such evidence. This will help paint a clearer picture of the applicant and their abilities.

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing a LOR for MBA

It’s important to include the date and the recipient of the letter. You should also write a brief introduction about your relationship with the person you’re writing for.  After this introduction, it’s best to discuss what makes them qualified for the program and why they would be an asset to their MBA program. You should end up with something like “I highly recommend Jane Doe for her MBA program at XYZ University because she has a deep understanding of economics and is passionate about business.”

Your Goal is an MBA Program, Not a Job.

You’re writing a letter of recommendation for an MBA program, not a job application. Your letter should be formal and professional, but it should also highlight your knowledge of the applicant’s work ethic, leadership skills, and values.

The best letters are specific about your accomplishments and draw from personal experience that shows how you’ve achieved those successes.

If you are a former employee, make sure you provide specific examples of how you were successful. If you had a great relationship with the person who is writing the letter, that’s helpful too.

Customize your letter for each school by highlighting what makes you stand out as an applicant for that institution.

While most letters of recommendation are similar, it’s important to customize yours for each school. You should highlight the qualities that make you a good fit for that specific MBA program. For example, if the MBA program is looking for someone with a diverse background in engineering and social work then you should use this letter to explain why you’re an excellent candidate for the institution.

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Sample Letter of Recommendation for MBA



To whom it may concern,

Mr Akhil Sai is the best fit for his position of Senior Financial Analyst at XXX—he is a resourceful, skilful and diligent professional whose analytical and financial modelling abilities have made him a true asset to our company. Moreover, his grasp on business and efficiency in executing all his responsibilities is truly commendable, and I am confident that he will be able to accelerate his proficiency and reach new heights under his desired Master’s degree in Business Administration from your esteemed institution.

As the Director of Operations at the company, I have known Akhil for almost three years. Though he initially joined as a Junior Financial Analyst, his competence in executing projects, carrying out negotiations and devising cost-cutting strategies, which improved the firm’s capital gains, made him stand out amongst his peers. Additionally, his ideas paved the way for several innovations and the eventual expansion to other cities and countries, like Qatar, and earned him his deserving promotion in a short time.

Over time, Akhil has proved his adeptness in organising, multi-tasking, managing time, and thinking strategically. His qualities are supplemented by his technical knowledge concerning the field of economics and the stock market. At the organisation, Akhil is known to articulate his ideas, particularly for the company’s expansion and put forth meritorious presentations.

Moreover, he maintains a great rapport with his team members, leading them successfully, owing to his amicable and generous attitude. He also served as the Captain of the firm’s cricket and basketball team. I am confident that Akhil’s zeal to learn and a keen eye for detail will certainly prove advantageous during the pursuit of his intended postgraduate studies. I recommend him for the same and wish him the best for his future endeavours. 


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The letter of recommendation is a critical part of the MBA application process.

Many schools require a letter of recommendation, and some even recommend that you have two or three.The letter should provide a clear and concise picture of what you will bring to the MBA program and what you hope to accomplish.

The best letters are specific about your accomplishments and draw from personal experience that shows how you’ve achieved those successes.

It should be customized for each MBA program by highlighting what makes you stand out as an applicant for that institution.Now that you know how to write a letter of recommendation, you’re ready to complete your MBA application.

In case you are doubtful about any aspect of your LOR for MBA, it is always a good idea to seek professional assistance moving forward. You can also read our informative blog post about How to write LOR for Masters.

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