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Top 5 Universities to Study Computer Science in the UK

Universities to Study Computer Science in the UK: Pursuing higher education at a top UK university is a common dream for thousands of Indian students aspiring to study amongst the world’s best minds and make full use of what the UK’s higher education system has to offer.

Computer science is a popular program that is offered at most UK universities. However, many of these programs have ranked among the top Computer Science programs in the world and several British universities have pioneered ground-breaking research work in the field.

 If you’re an Indian student exploring your options to study Computer Science in the UK, this article will take you through the best top universities you need to know about, the requirements, eligibility, and other important details.

Studying Computer Science in the UK for International Students

The UK has historically been a pioneer in the development of the computer sciences and technology, having produced some of the keys. 

figures of modern computing like Alan Turing. As an international student, pursuing computer science in the UK is an ideal choice for career-oriented aspirants who seek to realize their full potential and gain the much-needed experience

A typical computer science course in the UK will have modules covering network systems, hardware internet, database design, etc. in addition to new-age technology like AI, virtual reality, and robotics.

While most universities will require you to appear for IELTS in order to pursue computer science in the UK, there are options to study in the UK without IELTS. Read more about Studying in the UK without IELTS for Indian Students.

Universities to Study Computer Science in The UK

Top 5 Universities to Study Computer Science in the UK:

A number of UK universities feature among the top institutions for computer science programs and research.  Here is a list of the best universities for you as an international student seeking to pursue computer science in the UK.

1. University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow’s school of computer science features among the best in the country and the topmost in Scotland. The university is located in Glasgow, Scotland, and has a history of over 500 years since it was established in the 1500s.

It has been ranked 6th in the UK for Computer Science by The Complete University Guide 2022. The university offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate as well as doctoral-level programs in the field.

2. University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics is the largest informatics research center in the UK. It has been ranked 25th in the world for computer science by Times higher education world rankings for 2022. The University is also amongst the oldest universities in the country founded in 1583 and is located in the Scottish capital of  Edinburgh.

The University offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in computer science, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and cognitive science and also offers integrated 5-year programs in Informatics which cover all these disciplines.

3. University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is a leading UK University with over 40,000 students enrolled. The large community of international students at the University has helped create an inclusive and study-oriented environment. The university is also home to the famous Manchester Museum and Britain’s largest non-legal library.

The University of Manchester offers some of the best Computer science courses in the country at undergraduate, postgraduate, and taught master and doctoral levels. The department of computer science at the University of Manchester has been responsible for groundbreaking inventions like  The world’s first electronic stored-program digital computer, virtual memory using paging, the AMULET microprocessor series, and much more.

4. University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is a leading British University with a beautiful campus surrounded by natural greenery in rural Warwickshire. The university is home to a large South Asian international student community, with 741 Indian students, the highest for any British University.

The University was ranked 2nd for computer science by Guardian best universities league 2021 and has a high placement rate with 97% of its students finding work after completing their degree according to HESA 2018/19. The university offered undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral level study opportunities in Computer Science.

5. University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is the University of the Russel group located in Bristol, UK. The university has a strong computer science program that incorporates theoretical knowledge with exposure to the industry and practical work.

Students have the opportunity to work for real-world clients, develop games and programs displayed at the University’s annual game day and benefit from its state-of-the-art computer labs with an investment of over €2.7 million.

The university offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and doctoral programs.

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Requirements to Pursue Computer Science in the UK for Indian Students

Universities to Study Computer Science in The UK

In order to enroll in a top British University for pursuing your higher education in Computer Science, you will have to meet some eligibility criteria-

Undergraduate Studies

For an undergraduate level program in the UK, the candidate needs to meet the following criteria

  • GCSE scores (equivalent to 10+2 in India) with maths, science, and English as subjects.
  • A minimum of 2 A levels in core subjects and a good score in Maths.
  • Some universities may accept vocational courses taken in computer science as alternatives to A-levels.
  • An IELTS band score of 6.0 or more depends on which university you’re applying to.


International students must meet the following criteria to study a postgraduate level program in computer science in the UK.

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field with 60-70% marks.
  • IELTS band score of 6 or more depending on which university you apply to.

Applications to computer science programs at all UK universities are made through the UCAS service. Read more about How to apply to a top UK University.

Visa Eligibility to Study Computer Science in the UK for Indian Students

Students seeking to pursue Computer Science in the UK must go through the process of applying for a student visa. 

  • In order to study in the UK, you are required to possess a tier 4 general student visa.
  • To obtain this visa, you need to show valid proof of having secured an admission letter from your university
  • The student must be able to financially sustain his stay in the UK and pay for his tuition fee and other expenses.


Studying Computer Science in the UK will be a unique opportunity that will open up your academic and professional career prospects to new horizons. Exploring study in the UK options can be confusing at times given a large amount of often contradictory information available on the internet. 

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