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Top 5 Nursing Universities in the UK

For generations, universities in the UK have been the top contributor to advancement in the domain of medicines and nursing. Students planning to carve a sparkling career in Nursing often consider the UK as the best place to learn and grow as a dynamic environment is cultivated in all the UK universities.

The UK also holds universities for students coming from diverse backgrounds. It is not difficult to find affordable nursing schools in the UK for international students. Plenty of institutions provide financial aid or scholarships to UG, PG, along with qualified graduates who want to further their careers in Nursing. The UK also provides opportunities for training in clinical and medical fields, including other disciplines.

Hence, it leads students to obtain internships, and full-time employment opportunities after completing the course. The perks being endless, it is crystal clear why the UK is known to be the prime choice of students across the globe for nursing.

Top 5 Nursing Universities in the UK

 Top 5 Nursing Universities in the UK

1. King’s College London

King’s College London, is hands down one of the best universities in the UK in the domain of Nursing and the global ranks prove the same thing. There are varied departments that are modified with a competent curriculum that has an effective amalgamation of theories and practicals on a global scale. One can choose from 4 disciplines of nursing. Namely- Adult Nursing, Family and Child Health, Mental Health Nursing, and Midwifery. The college even offers distance education and part-time academic nursing courses that students can optimally benefit from. The magnificent infrastructure with all the modern instruments and highly equipped laboratories gives students an overwhelming experience. The average fee structure of the nursing courses for international students is €31840 per year.

2. University of Liverpool

Located at the center of Liverpool City, The University of Liverpool is famous for imparting world-class education to its nursing students and introducing them to a world full of opportunities as well as challenges. The 3 years honors degree in Nursing lays a strong foundation for a student’s career. Alumni become well-versed to deal with the most complex situations in any setup. The nursing faculty is considered one of the best institutional faculties. Students are nurtured in a way that they transform into the best nursing professionals. If you dream to lead a fruitful nursing career in the UK, then the University of Liverpool is totally your destination. The average fee structure of the nursing courses for international students is €22400 per year.

3. University of Leeds

Yet another striking institution to excel in Nursing is the University of Leeds. Since 1894, the institution has held its head high in the realm of medicine and the notable alumni are the living example of the institution’s caliber. The University of Leeds offers 5 undergraduate-level nursing courses. You can opt for a Bachelor’s degree from the options of Adult Nursing, Midwifery, Child Nursing, and Mental Health Nursing. All the above-mentioned courses consist of 36 months of coursework. In addition, you can also pursue an FD in Nursing associate which is a 24 monthly Apprenticeship course. The University prepares students to optimally face the world outside and stand competent. The multi-faceted curriculum and unique imparting approach are what attract the students to study here. Not to forget, the beautifully designed campus holds great facilities for the students. The average fee structure of the nursing courses for international students is €25250 per year.

4. The University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is the one-stop destination for students who want to advance and evolve in the field of Adult Nursing. They offer a highly modified undergraduate Adult Nursing course that is aimed at imparting the knowledge of ongoing research and policies to the students. They are extremely popular for their advanced adult nursing practices that the students get to learn. Students can also foray into Midwifery professionally after accomplishing the course. The institution is also famous for its effective scholarship programs that aid students to reach one step closer to their dream university. The diverse clubs add up to benefit the students. The average fee structure of the nursing courses for international students is €14415 per year with an annual placement supplement of €2000.

5. University of Surrey

Located at the surreal location of Stag Hill, the University of Surrey is not only an academic boon but also a treat to the eyes. The campus is surrounded by a beautiful lake gives students the most satisfying campus experience. If you’re someone who likes to stay in the arms of nature, then the University of Surrey is totally meant for you. Here, you again get to choose from 5 nursing disciplines to pursue your Bachelor’s degree. The employment rate of the nursing alumni of the University of Surrey is extremely high. Well, the amount of refined practical exposure that the students receive makes them the most suitable nursing candidate for Recruiters. The highly skilled professors teach topics in utmost depth to equip the students with excellent professional skills. The average fee structure of the nursing courses for international students ranges between €20000 – €30000 per year.

An important part of your admission process is securing a student visa. Read more about How to apply for a student visa to study in the UK.

Top 5 Nursing Universities in the UK

Things to Remember

Nursing & Midwifery Council registration is required for all nurses in the United Kingdom (NMC). A Computer Based Test (CBT) is required for registration, and it can be taken at any of the many test centers across the world. The test consists of 120 multiple-choice questions and is administered on a computer.

While most Universities have a minimum IELTS score requirement, you may explore options to study in the UK without having to appear for a language test. Read more about How to study in the UK without IELTS for Indian students.


The Universities mentioned above are globally recognized as the best nursing universities and have had top rankings over the years. Hence, keep an eye on the website to track the time of admissions.

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