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Our Process

Profile Evaluation

In the first step after your registration, we evaluate your profile and assess the best way to tailor your resume. Simultaneously, we figure out the most effective way to push your applications.

Step 1

Resume Tailoring

In the second step, we start working on your resume. We optimize your resume by using action and high-frequency keywords. We also employ the STAR methodology in your work experience to accentuate your responsibilities.

Step 2

Applications Filing

We start pushing quality applications at a high frequency in the third step. Our goal is to file highly targeted applications which hold high probability of you receiving a recruiter call.

Step 3

Interview Preparation

In the final step, as soon as you start receiving interviews, we prep you to ace your interview rounds. We have domain experts that assist you in end-to-end preparation and we also conduct mock interviews.

Step 4

Contact Us

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